Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching High School History

Homeschool history

The study of high school history is one of those subjects in which many view the facts as treasures waiting to be picked up and memorized. While passionate history loving teachers assert that history is best learned by being “caught” instead of “taught”, a passion for history and the knowledge that one can gain from historical events, historical reasoning, and even historical mistakes can be applied to analytical thinking, reasoning, debate, and even evaluation of current events.(See- this article for help on critical thinking)

The study of history should ignite a spark within its students to learn from the past. It is sad then to realize as a nation, history is the American student’s worst subject. On average, the American high schooler knows very little history, just 12% of seniors are proficient in US History.(NAEP) Some blame exit testing and the overt focus on teaching math and language. However, for homeschoolers it’s another story. Homeschoolers can take advantage of the freedom and extra time to incorporate history into writing and reading. Which gives the student a much better opportunity to apply critical thinking to the subject.

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What High School History Courses Do I Need to Study?

So, what’s the bottom line? Most states require 3 credits of history to graduate. However, students interested in a political or history based college degree will want to choose an additional history course such as sociology, civics, political science, or international relations as an elective.

Junior Year 

Government and Economics
Democracy in America
PASS text (request CD free by email [email protected])
US Government and Politics
The Constitution video series
Sparks Notes Government study guide
Hippo Campus American Government
MIT Opencourseware Economics
Economics videos
Fundamentals of Economics Course

Senior Year – Options

Intro to Sociology (itunes download)
Intro to Sociology e text
The Essential Sociologist
Intro to Sociology coursera
Civics Fundamentals of American Civics
Political Science Political Science Lectures
Foundations of Political Science
International Relations Do it Yourself Course
Chinese International Relations (MIT)
Notre Dame International Relations


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April 11, 2014


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