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    While not every homeschooler heads off to college, or stays in a dorm room if they do attend college, I thought I would direct this post to those that ARE going to college and ARE staying in a dorm room.  Along with that, this could totally be helpful for those who are moving into their [...]
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    It’s that time of year when everyone starts decorating for the holidays!  As a teen, I always loved decorating my bedroom to make it feel more festive like the rest of the house.  Here are ten awesome DIYs you can easily do to spruce up your room a bit.  I absolutely love these!  They are [...]
  • lookingback

    If you celebrate Halloween, you may like these ten DIY teen costumes!  Who knows, maybe one of these will make the perfect costume for you!  If you’re anything like me, purchasing a full costume is just not affordable, and I’d prefer to make do with what I have, or at least save money on piecing [...]
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    Oftentimes I stumble across life hack pins or videos, and wonder where these hacks have been all my life.  “Like, seriously, this makes it SO. MUCH. EASIER.”  That’s pretty much all I can think.  Some of these hacks would have helped while I was in school, and lots of them are still helpful for today. [...]
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    There you are, mentally preparing yourself for diving into the daily routine of studying, taking notes, listening, doing homework, taking tests, writing essays, and completing projects.  Summer went by way too fast; you simply aren’t ready for this yet.  Surely it can’t be time for school to start yet, can it?  Yet despite how much [...]
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    As a homeschooler, I LOVED summer break.  I was fortunate enough to be one the homeschoolers that actually did get a summer break, and as much as I adored school (I’m pretty sure I was one of the biggest overachievers in existence), I could not wait for summer break once May came around. Not only [...]
  • lookingback25

    Sometimes as homeschoolers, it’s hard to do science projects in high school.  Maybe you associate high school science experiments with chemistry protective glasses in a lab, fumes swirling around the room, a mask on your face and your hands covered in plastic latex gloves—just in case.  While this is accurate for many experiments, there are [...]
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    –Get started with more “Physical Education” outside! I don’t know about you, but exercising outside during the winter is just miserable.  I really can’t stand it, so oftentimes my workout routine stops for the winter.  However, once spring arrives, I can get back outside and enjoy the weather!  Unless going to a gym is an option [...]
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    I know as well as anyone that it can be a little depressing when Valentine’s day rolls around as a teen if you don’t have a significant other.  However, there are some super fun ways you can decorate for the holiday and overall make your room/outfit/valentines more cheerful and festive!  I found these really fun [...]
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    Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  Are your teens bored on their holiday break?  If they are, then these activities might be a fun idea for them!  I’ve personally enjoyed each of these as a teen, especially the decorating and movie marathons!  Here are my top 5 Christmas activities for teens: —Christmas Movies Marathon.  [...]