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  • Homeschool Foreign Language

    One of the most challenging things to incorporate into a homeschool endeavor is the aspect of foreign language. Learning a foreign language does require specific intensive instruction, immersion, and practice. This can be difficult for most parents to provide.  In many cases parents turn to outside help in teaching their students a new language. There [...]
  • What are You Afraid of? Filing the FAFSA

    OH. THE. HORROR. Yes, we understand your fears completely when it comes to the FAFSA (aka. The Federal Application For Student Aid.) It’s one of those necessary evils when it comes to getting a federal grant, loan, or state grants for college tuition. The benefits can be so very helpful, but getting the application processed [...]
  • What are You Afraid of? Getting off Track

    I know it’s so easy to do… and we’ve all been there. Just let a little go today, and before you know it you’ve gotten way off track.  But, as experienced home schoolers we’ve been around this block a few times before. And, on behalf of all of us at Let’s Homeschool High School – [...]
  • highschool writing

    What are you afraid of? Many home schoolers are afraid of teaching high school writing. Of course, we can all understand this thinking. Essay writing, research, and extensive papers are all a part of high school writing. Consequently, these are often the aspects of teaching high school writing/composition that can be worrisome for parents. For [...]
  • LHSHS process

    Aren’t we all afraid of the unknown… what will it entail? How will we handle the challenges? Yes, it can be intimidating, but just like anything else once we understand the process- the fear dissipates. When I first started homeschooling, it was pretty simple and straightforward. I thought, “If I can teach an elementary class [...]
  • homeschool methods

    Fear of the unknown is often the biggest roadblock to beginning the journey of homeschooling high school. Each of us had fears when we first started, but understanding the process and seeing that it can be done is half the battle… So, what are you afraid of? We often encourage new homeschoolers to research the [...]
  • LHSHS misunderstood aspergers

    First , it’s very important to understand the terminology used within the Autism Spectrum. Some people are steeped in the Autism/Asperger world and may already understand these things. Others may have a newly diagnosed child and this may be brand new. Here is a list of terms parents would do well to become familiar with: [...]
  • LHSHS holiday gifts for teens

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”,  decorations, toys everywhere, carols being sung all over town, and how about the stress? In a culture where materialism often reigns supreme, the holidays bring with them a host of stressors in lieu of the peace and joy that we sing about. As a homeschool mom of [...]
  • no-image-45275

    Hi! I know, it’s only August, right? Why are we talking about planning already? Meh… But as most veteran homeschoolers know, it’s time to face the music. If you want your books and supplies here in time to start schooling, this month’s for you! So, to get everyone motivated and in the spirit of things, [...]
  • lookingback17

    Homeschooling in high school can be intimidating.  There are many details about high school that are important for getting into a good college and eventually getting a good job.  The task can seem daunting.  But YES, you can homeschool in high school, and here are five reasons to do so! Flexibility.  Keeping a flexible schedule [...]