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Many of the parents and students who visit LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com are in search of specific information…how to go from homeschooling to college.  If this describes your intent for being here, then we hope you will be pleased with the vast collection of resources we’ve put together to help you plan for college, get prepared for what to expect, and transition smoothly into the college experience.

Articles you might be interested in might include:

We also have some incredibly helpful directories, downloads, and tools that you don’t want to miss, such as:

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And if you REALLY want to explore all the college-related content on the site, then you can check our article archives to read all about:

Homeschool High School and Beyond: A Guide for Homeschooling Teens

This guide from LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com is a kind of “road map” toward the next four years and beyond. Helping you figure out exactly who you are and what you want out of your education…and your life

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Two Options for Homeschool High School Online Classes

I always said I wanted rigorous academics and a high quality education but I was facing the fact that I was no longer able to deliver such a thing or that what I could deliver put my high schooler in jeopardy of getting a mediocre education. Our family’s reliance on homeschool curriculum, reading books and using primary source documents is more now than in the elementary and middle school grades. I was happy to know that something exists out there when the time comes that we need it.

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