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JamieBannerHello Homeschool World…My name is Jamie Gaddy, and teaching and learning has been an integral part of my life for over 20 years now. I started out as a preschool teacher at 17, turned into a tough Junior High Math teacher, and ended up a principal by the age of 26. Six children later, I found I wasn’t satisfied with “classroom schooling”, and decided that homeschooling would be a better fit for our family. My husband, our six children,  and I live in a good ‘ole fashion, sweet, Southern Georgia town in a 100 year old house that we restored ourselves. We’ve been homeschooling since  2004 and love it! Our oldest daughter graduated in 2013 and through that experience I learned alot about homeschooling highschool. I have been involved in writing for various homeschool websites and creating my own website including Time4Learning Community BlogOnline Education for Kids, and MomSCHOOL. I most recently have had the privilege to be a part of Let’s Homeschool Highschool! I hope that what we do here will make your adventure with homeschooling high school a little easier.

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JackieBannerHi everyone!  My name is Tialla Rising and I’m a homeschool graduate.  My parents began homeschooling me in fourth grade, and continued on through my graduation in 2013.  Even though I wasn’t in the public school system for too long, it was long enough for me to realize how much better homeschooling is.  I was bullied while in public school, and though that wasn’t the main reason for switching to homeschool, I’m so thankful I was removed from that negative situation.  Now that I’m graduated and taking classes elsewhere, I look back on my homeschooling experience and feel incredibly blessed for the amount of time and effort my parents put into my education.  It is such an honor for me to help with; I love knowing that we truly are helping parents and students alike realize that, yes, you CAN homeschool through high school – and successfully get into college.  Along with all that, I’m a Christian and a published author and editor.  I live in the mountains of Arizona, where we actually have pine trees, seventy-degree weather in the summer and snow in the winter (the rest of AZ is jealous).  I especially enjoy writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, and Instagramming.

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