PREPWORKS for Algebra I



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 Powered by Prepworks Learning Positioning System®, this adaptive, personalized online course includes animated HD videos, hundreds of practice questions with step-by-step solutions & full-length practice tests, all of which are specifically designed to meet state-specific standards, benchmarks, assessment limits & test item specifications.

Employing predictive analytics and diagnostic assessments, Prepworks Algebra gauges each student’s performance level in real-time to deliver a personalized learning experience based on his/her foundational knowledge, guaranteeing a passing grade on official EOC exams!

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Curriculum Name
PREPWORKS for Algebra I
Curriculum Pricing Type
Monthly Subscription or Tuition
Yearly Subscription or Tuition
Tuition by Semester
Curriculum Type
Curriculum Worldview
Curriculum Level
General/Core Knowledge
College Prep
Credit Equivalent
1/2 credit
1 credit


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