Notebooking – Build Good Habits in Your Homeschooler

Reprinted with permission from the blog Harmony Art Mom

Notebooking in high school has distinct advantages over worksheet style learning. The process of notebooking builds good habits and aids in learning in a more meaningful way. Here are a few points I appreciate after using notebooking in our high school courses over the last four years.

The Benefits of Notebooking

1. Diligence – It takes earnest effort to complete a high school level notebook page. We expect writing, sketches or an image, and thorough coverage from Mr. B and his work. Making a notebook page does not allow for guesswork. You either have something of significance to write or record on the page or you don’t. I see Mr. B working hard to fill in the notebook page in a way that shows his very best work.

2.Creative Thinking – One of the biggest benefits of notebooking in high school is

Reprinted from the blog post “Notebooking: Build Good Habits in your Homeschooler”

that Mr. A always seemed to come up a creative angle to his pages. Notebooking can be quite right-brained. If you have a child that struggles with writing or tends to doodle, notebooking may be just the thing to try. A blank notebook page is not as intimidating as a blank piece of paper. There are places to put all those random thoughts and images in a way that connects them together, making a coherent summary of the information learned.

3. Organization and Continuity – This is where I see notebooking shine. The pages help organize thoughts. Then, the pages can be organized in a binder in a way that makes sense and they are ready for future reference. When you finish with one year, you can pick up your notebooking where you left off and continue on in the next year. If you need to review at the beginning of the school year, pull out the notebook binder and page through to get the juices flowing again.

4. Chronological – Most of us went through school with our minds muddled as far as keeping history in chronological order in our thinking. The normal public school scope and sequence jumps from topic, time period, and geographical location. Keeping notebook pages and/or a timeline will keep things neat and tidy and in chronological order for notebookers. (See link below for ideas in making your own timeline notebook.)

5. Spelling and Handwriting – Our family does very little formal spelling and handwriting practice in high school (see my post on Spelling Wisdom – copywork and dictation). Using notebook pages helps me “spot check” these two areas of learning. There is no spell check on a notebook page and if I can’t read the handwriting…it gets rewritten in a neater manner.

6. Personalized Learning – Creating a notebook page allows the student to share what they learned and what they thought about a topic. They have room for personalizing the page with the design, the topic, and the manner in which the information is shared. I am excited to add here that soon will have a new feature for all Treasury Members! The Notebooking Publisher will allow for student to customize their own notebook pages, type in their narration, and then print the page for their notebook. Mr. A would have loved this ability to work directly from the computer keyboard. For students that have trouble with the physical aspects of writing, the new Notebooking Publisher will be an answer to prayer.

July 22, 2012


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