Homeschool Survival Guide: Shifting Sleep Schedules

Homeschool Survival Guide: Shifting Sleep Schedules
by Andrew Jones


SMASH. Alarm clock’s on the floor. No, pieces of alarm clock. Poor thing, it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. What did it say for a second there? 5 A.M.? Oh geez, you’ve gotta get going for your 6 in the morning English class at college! But you have to eat breakfast, shower and start your car first. And with last night’s homework, that totals to… four hours of sleep?

Welcome to the wonderful world of shifting sleep schedules. As some of you already know (and others will soon know), sleep is a commodity as an adult. A valuable resource, even. Sometimes you have to give up money to have it. Crazy! But luckily I, the Homeschool Survivor, have advice for surviving this strange and confusing world of homework and caffeine.

Speaking of caffeine

I have one key tip for you: it’s not a cure-all. Everyone’s bodies react differently to large amounts of caffeine. Some people get sick from it. Some get hyped up from it. Some, like me, calm down from it (I have ADD.) And some people just can’t stand coffee.

With that said, use caffeine if you must. Drink coffee, tea, soda. It will get you through school, and you really will learn more when you don’t feel completely dead in the morning. This is coming from a coffee addict, sure, but it’s a vital piece of advice.

Build a schedule

I’ve said this one before, but it’s even more vital when trying to survive in the world of vampires. You need a schedule for your work, your school, your life. Otherwise you will start forgetting things and procrastinating things and staying up ‘til two in the morning even when you swore on a religious text that you wouldn’t. I recommend Google Calendar.

When building a schedule, though, don’t overestimate yourself. Allot free time, and allot space for spending more time on work than you thought you would. This may not be a big change, but it can mean the difference between five hours of sleep and seven.

Exercise well

This one’s less for clearing up your life and more for convincing you to put the textbook down and just worry about it tomorrow. Getting a decent amount of exercise in a day can make a huge difference in how well you sleep. In fact, something as simple as an hour-long walk can change your bedtime.

Speaking of walking and running, those are two of the simplest forms of exercise that you can commit to. Others work well too like working out, swimming and insulting wrestlers. That last one probably isn’t very good for your overall health, though.

October 8, 2012


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