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Hi everyone! Kaitlyn from Ramblings of a Homeschooled Girl here! Check out this question I received from Nichole!

“Good evening! I was wondering how everyone goes about their schedule on short weeks or a completely off week? Do you still have them do all assignments to keep them on track or how do you shorten them? My other kids are on a half day on Wednesday and then done until vacation is over…just was wondering what everyone else does:) Thanks, Nichole.”

Considering the fact that I’m still in high school and I also have young siblings, I think answering your question from my point-of-view may help, though I understand if you want some “homeschool mom” opinions. With that being said, I have asked my mom some questions. Everything I say here she backs up.

For this Thanksgiving week, we are doing some school but not a whole lot. The reason is mainly that my grandma and younger cousin are visiting us. My mom still wants to do as much school as possible, but the only reason is that last week she was sick and didn’t do school with my brother (he’s not completely dependent yet). I don’t have to do much work at all—although she’s requested that I do, so I will—because I did school last week while she was sick. My brother has to do a full day’s worth of work.

My mom was intending on taking this whole week off for Thanksgiving, but since she was sick and we fell slightly behind in a few things—especially my brother—she decided to do school whenever possible. We are not doing school on Thursday and Friday though. In our family, that’s almost like a sin! (Kidding, though no one and my family would really see it appropriate.)

Yet, a lot of my friends I’ve talked to have the whole week off for the holiday. It’s really whatever fits your schedule and your plans the best! Like for us. We were planning on taking the whole week off, but as you read, we can’t, due to gaps in last week’s schedule.

Whatever you decide to do, the only things you should keep in mind is how much work needs to be completed by the end of the school year and to remember to have a time of relaxation, no matter when you choose to have it.

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November 19, 2012


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