Ask a Homeschooler: Response to Susan

Hi everyone! Kaitlyn from Ramblings of a Homeschooled Girl here! Check out this question I received from Susan!

“Comparing public schools to home schools, where did you learn the most and which one was more fun?”

Hi Susan. I was asked to answer your question because I’ve been to public school in the past. I had to decide which one, home school or public school, was better for me educationally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I sort of hopscotched back and forth between public school and home school for the first several years of my education. Pre-k and kinder I went to public school. First grade I was homeschooled. During my first grade year, my mom found out she was pregnant with my little brother so my parents needed to put my sister and me back in public school for my second, third and half of fourth grade years. The last two semesters of fourth grade, my parents were ready to try homeschooling us again because they really enjoyed it when they tried it out the first time.

During this part in my life I was going through a stage. I don’t know really how to describe it other than I wanted to break away, be myself, not be at home. So, when fifth grade was approaching, my parents asked if I wanted to go to public school again. I said I wanted one more year to be with my friends. (I didn’t have a homeschool group at this time and we weren’t regular church attendees yet, so I was missing my friends a lot). Six weeks into the school year, I was so ready to be homeschooled again. You know that saying that goes like, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone?” Yeah, that was me after I was back in public school. I begged my parents to pull me out like they did in the fourth grade, but they told me I had to finish what I started. I had to go the whole school year through public school. I haven’t had the desire to go back since.

Obviously, I’ve chosen homeschooling over public school, but I will say that I have friends who have preferred public school over home school. Their priorities are different than mine, apparently. People always ask me if I want to go back to public school, if I ever miss it. The answer is heck no. I never ever will miss having to wait for people to catch up with me, or spending eight hours doing what can be accomplished in half that time, or being thrown into the middle of drama that only causes stress. I can honestly say there is no comparison when it comes to home school and public school.

Homeschooling is definitely for me. I recommend trying it out, because it might be perfect for you too.


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November 29, 2012


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