My Homeschool Graduate Identification Guide

Homeschool Graduate Identification Guide

by Chris Hutton

Reprinted with permission from the blog Liter8

I’m normally a more science-y writer.  however, I’m gonna change things up occasionally.  Today, We’re gonna have a little fun at the expense of homeschool graduates!

I’m a homeschool Graduate.  No, it’s not that obvious.  When we graduate, we don’t grow tentacles through our ears or develop a special mark on our foreheads.  We look physically the same as the everyday man.  But if you look at the behaviors and trends of the everyday homeschool graduate, you’ll begin to notice things.  We have these little “quirks” we develop. They aren’t specifically unique to homeschoolers, but if you see a large amount of these traits in one person, the odds of them being a homeschool graduate are pretty high.

1. A willingness to work hard in a self-disciplined manner:

Hard work isn’t uniquely homeschool-y.  But it is a trait I  got because of being a homeschool graduate.  By having to study on my own, I developed a tendency to push myself to be better.  I kept up homework assignments, I did things when asked, and I kept up with certain traits, like exercise and hygiene.  I’ve been considered a top student, and maintained what was asked of me over a long time.  I’ve always been willing to work and serve, no matter the situation

2. A limited knowledge of Pop culture trends and slang

I believed in Cooties till I was 16.  Okay, not really.  But unlike a lot of my friends, I did not know a lot of the cultural phrases used by my friends, like Thug Life and The Bomb dot com.  Instead, I turned to older phrases I picked up from all over, such as Groddy (a version of gross),  Cool Beans and Geronimo. Phrases taken out of the depths of time, which no teen wishes to use.

Add to that my lack of knowledge of popular tunes, of certain starlets, and of athletes.  Thankfully, my brain was full of cartoon references, TV tunes and really, really obscure science fiction quotes.  It all balanced out.

3. Always having a book on them:

I must confess: I like books.  and I don’t just mean like.  I mean LIKE.  books are my vice in life.  I usually have 4-5 books in my messenger bag (AKA my Man-purse), each one being read on it’s own time. And I have a lot of variety.  Science fiction, classics, and the occasional graphic novel.  I just like reading.

4. Knowing all the (literary/science/Disney) references:

When one is in a class with students who don’t read for fun, there’s this grand tendency to know certain ideas before others.  My favorite occurrence was when I was learning Logic, that my teacher mentioned Ockham’s Razor.  Once I heard this phrase, I immediately jumped out of my chair yelling “I know that reference!” (think Captain America in The Avengers, but with more energy)  Everyone gave me a funny look, and my teacher gave me a nod, and continued with the lecture.

I tend to chime in more than others, and reference more than others, whether they be philosophical text, Disney Movie, or technical science term.  If there be a reference, I likely knew it.

I know many of these are just me, but I find them to be somewhat universal. What do you think?  What are some other “universal homeschool graduate traits”?

Chris Hutton is a freelance journalist, writer, seeker of truth, lover of ideas, homeschool grad, military brat, and geek. A man with too many interests, and not enough hobbies. Be sure to follow Chris at Liter8.

February 18, 2013


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