Our Graduation Story

We’ve been working toward this for 12 years, planning, preparing, scheduling, and even shopping. It’s been a long time coming, but now that we’ve come to this place… it seems like time has flown by.  It has been a special honor to homeschool our children, and now that we are graduating our first homeschooler… it’s an amazing feeling. I am so proud of my daughter and all that she has accomplished, but I am also proud of our homeschool. We had to work hard as a family to get to this point, and it feels good to know that we finally accomplished it.

homeschool graduation Our homeschool is enrolled in an umbrella program with a local private school. We have been able to submit our grades and attendance to this school over the years, and they have done the work of preparing and keeping our transcripts. Our daughter was also enrolled in a Christian College and was able to complete a lot of her high school coursework while completing college courses. It worked as dual credit, and she was able to graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Christian Education.

We started in March planning our  May graduation party. It was so much fun picking out and designing graduation announcements (we found a great deal at zazzle – about $40 for 110!) I have to admit, I think my daughter must have sent one to every single person we know! It was so funny… every day for a month we have been getting cards congratulating her on her accomplishment.  We live apart from all of our family, and so it was very important to her that they all got an invitation.

homeschool graduation

To make it easier on our budget we started purchasing party items and making food, a month before the party. It made it so much easier on me the day of the party! I didn’t have a ton of stuff to cook and clean. Then the day of the party, we had a lot of our “out of town” family here and they helped set up tents and put out food and decorations. It went fast and was so much fun.

graduating a homeschooler

People that we never expected showed up and we were able to catch up on life and share memories.


My daughter doesn’t usually like to be the center of attention, but she did well and seemed to enjoy the time spent with family and friends. That is until they decided to silly string her!


The actual graduation was the following day, and was a big event for both homeschool children graduating. They were nervous, but they were able to sing a song and receive their diplomas without passing out!

homeschool diploma

Well, we made it… we did it… and we are just regular old folks. So, if you are determined and put a bit of hard work into it, you can homeschool through high school too! You CAN do it!


Jamie Gaddy, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. has been a college education professor for over 17 years. Education has been an integral part of her life in both the classroom and as a principal. Six children later found her dissatisfied with traditional schooling and homeschooling became the better fit. She is also a pastor’s wife, remote project manager, and entrepreneur who now homeschools four of her six children (ages 11-17) in southern Georgia. Jamie loves to share about her homeschool experience and help other homeschoolers find success. Connect with her at [email protected]

May 30, 2013


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