Ask a Homeschooler: Response to Christine

Christine asks:

“This will be our first year in homeschool highschool. My dd has an intensive dance schedule, she also assists in teaching a couple classes through the week. I am looking for an alternative type of schedule.

Our local highschool does a block schedule where they have two core classes and two electives each semester. I was wondering if any homeschoolers have used a schedule like that, was it effective and did they like it.

 Also open to any other suggestions for a good high school schedule.


Thanks for asking, Christine! Personally, my state didn’t allow me that option during high school. However, for my last two years of high school home school, I did something very similar: dual enrollment at a community college. I expect there would be a lot of similarities between what I did and what your daughter wants to do.

The main thing to worry about is time constraints. Actual college classes were a lot more stressful and had a lot more homework than anything I did at home, so I ended up devoting most of my time to college classwork and letting homeschool fall (unintentionally) by the wayside. Unless your daughter has really good time management skills, she should be cautious about adding four public school classes on top of her homeschool curriculum.

Secondly, since she’s taking two core classes, make sure they count for her transcript! If they do, you may be able to substitute them for classes she would otherwise have to take at home or online to graduate. I encountered a similar situation with dual enrollment where some of the classes I took didn’t even count toward my degree once I became a full time student. I don’t know what state you’re in, so again, since our state laws obviously differ regarding what homeschoolers can do in public school, this is something you and she should research.

I say go for it. Cautiously, of course, but still: go for it. I had a similar schedule for a couple semesters of dual-enrollment, and anyone proactive enough to want to take more classes on top of home school is going to be dedicated enough to get something out of them. This is the Homeschool Survivor, signing out. Good luck, Christine and “dd.” To Ask a Homeschooler a question, just go to this page and ask away!

July 3, 2013


  1. Kerry says:
    Posted July 12, 2013 1:35 am

    I doubt our Ask-A-Homeschooler team of teens would know too much about a public school block schedule since they've all been homeschooled through high school, but I'll jump in as admin and say that the really cool thing about homeschooling is that you can use any schedule you like! You can school year-round, save all your science for the summer, do four electives your freshman year and none your sophomore year...there really are absolutely no guidelines to how you want to schedule your courses. I would simply suggest finding what works best for your daughter and go with it! Best of luck to you!

  2. Christine says:
    Posted July 11, 2013 11:35 pm

    oops....I wasn't asking about taking additional classes on top of homeschool classes, I was wanting to know if other homeschoolers imitated a public school block schedule in their homeschool. Thanks! :)

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