August 2013 Homeschool High School Blog Hop – Envisioning the Future

Hi everyone! Jackie here from I’m SO excited to head up this new adventure – – a monthly Homeschool High School Blog Hop!   Blog Hops geared specifically for high school are a little rare, so hopefully this fills a small hole in a much needed area.

Not every month will have a theme, but we decided to start our first month off with one–“Envisioning the Future”.  It is, however, a very broad umbrella. Some ideas might include envisioning  your curriculum for this year, envisioning an exciting new way of homeschooling, envisioning a radical new way of teaching a specific hated subject, envisioning your child’s path to college based on the work they have done in high school, envisioning your hopes and dreams for your child, envisioning your ideal homeschool setup, envisioning homeschoolers of the future… The ideas are limitless.

One fun option for this broad theme is to write a letter to your future homeschool graduate about what YOU hope for their life and why you have done all you have to make their future bright. Here is mine…..

 Dear Hannah,

When you were still a baby, your father and I decided we wanted to homeschool you. Time and life slightly changed our plans, but we found our way back after several years.

Homeschooling has been quite an adventure to say the least. Curriculum choices and teaching style VS learning style have certainly been a wild roller coaster ride, however, we seem to be on the right track and you manage to learn all along this hair-raising ride. You are in high school now and I know we are in for a new kind of adventure. I am so proud of your flexibility and willingness to roll with the punches. I know there are  days we’d both like to quit, but we don’t.

While I might not have had a good grasp on homeschooling when we started, I do know my heart yearns for you to come to know how truly gifted and smart you are. You are NOT a diagnosis, you are a person. Dyslexia, CAPD, dysgraphia, anxiety…do not define who you are, you do! I want school to challenge you, I want you to love learning, I want you to learn discipline and have fun trying new things, I want you to be respectful and be treated with respect, and most of all I want you to be YOU. I think we have mastered many of these and will master the remainder as we continue this awesome homeschooling journey.


I know I push a little too much, but it’s only because I see your potential. I sometimes think of you as a gem in the rough. What’s hard for me is knowing you like being a gem in the rough;  I want to polish you. Funny, as much as I want to polish you, I stand back and see lots of ways  your roughness is perfecting you in your own way, in your own time. You are such a precious gem and I love you desperately.

My sweet Hannah, you are truly a miracle from God. He has the most wonderful future planned for you that is beyond your wildest imagination. Listen to Him daily as you walk-out your future. Never forget that your father and I are your loudest cheerleaders, your best support system, and we have a never ending love for you.



Please join us by envisioning YOUR homeschooled high schooler’s future and sharing it with us this month on the hop!! Add your high school homeschooling post in the link up, then grab the code below to share the link-up on your own post – – thus the blog hop!! Oh, and head over to our official blog hop page for the official blog hop image and all the nitty-gritty details!

August 7, 2013


  1. Jackie says:
    Posted August 18, 2013 1:58 am

    Sierra, of course you can join the Hop! Having teens contribute is so valuable. We ended up with three teens joining us this first time out. I would love to see more teens join in the fun.

    I dropped by your blog last week and very much enjoyed your post. I want to thank you for placing our Let's Homeschool High School Button so prominently on your post AND for using the linky code at the bottom so others could link up right from your page. Awesome job!

    I look forward to linking up with you again in September.

    Best wishes always,
    Let's Homeschool High School Team

  2. Sierra says:
    Posted August 13, 2013 1:22 pm

    I am a student, not a homeschool mom. Am I still allowed to join the blog hop? Either way I'm planning to write a post about 'envisioning the future though.

  3. Kerry says:
    Posted August 9, 2013 1:48 pm

    Member JenniLee had a question about how to make this hop work on her own blog. Here was my response, in case anyone else was confused...
    Down at the very bottom of this month's post, you should see the following three links...
    **Click here to enter
    **What is a blog hop?
    **Get the code here
    The one you want to click on is "Get the Code here". THEN, go into your own hop post, switch your editing view from Visual to "Text" mode, scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of your post text, leave a space, then paste the code there. Make sure to save your changes and your post should now be published with the linked up posts at the bottom! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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