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maryiah writes:

“I just recently enrolled in homeschool. I did two years of public high school and decided it wasn’t for me. I’m planning on taking advantage of the homeschool idea and graduating a year early. Other than the basic graduation requirements, what classes should I take? And is being homeschooled going to ruin my chances of getting into a good university?”

Hey, maryiah. Those are two really big questions, so just for kicks, let’s work backward this time.

Is homeschool going to ruin your chances of getting into a good university? Not with a mindset like yours, it won’t. Speaking as someone about to start his Junior year in college, homeschool can actually help your chances. I focused my last two years of homeschool on a few skills that helped me through the first two years of college (studying, time management and sucking up to teachers :)). I’m guessing you already know what the required classes to graduate are, so instead of linking that, here’s a list of homeschool-friendly colleges.

What classes should you take? First off, if you haven’t already, take an essay-writing course (the one I took is here). You’ll find college particularly unforgiving in its writing requirements. It’s a lot harder than high school in that respect. I didn’t take a full writing course until my second year of college, and after letting my wordsmith skills decline for a few years, English 111 was like being hit upside the head by all 22,000 pages of the Oxford English Dictionary. Starting university with even a cursory knowledge of MLA and APA citation styles will place you triumphant atop a throne of tears cried by the 500,000 freshmen who put “some guy I know” as the only reference on their final project’s bibliography.

Do remember: now is one of your last opportunities to take “elective” style classes before diving into the all-consuming whirlpool of homework and debt that is college. I’d recommend picking up some kind of new skill or otherwise advancing your hobbies during high school. If you already have a major in mind, taking up a course or internship in your field would be a great idea (and save you a lot of money if you hate it).

I hope this is enough information. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or an e-mail. Otherwise, this is the Homeschool Survivor, signing out. Good luck on your college endeavors, maryiah. To Ask a Homeschooler a question, just go to this page and ask away!

August 20, 2013


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