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Hello, all! It’s Meghan here, ready to answer some of your homeschooling questions! Here’s one that I found to be a really good one!

Lilly said:

I was wondering how often you study and learn? Also who teaches you and if you think this would help you when it is time to apply for collages?

Well, thanks for asking, Lilly! We love to get questions! Especially about different homeschooling techniques!

Personally, I study about two-to-three hours a day. And that doesn’t include co-op class homework. If you’re wondering about specifics, I know a lot of people say that you can sleep in when you’re homeschooled and for me that’s true. I get up and am ready by nine, maybe ten some days and then I finish online schooling (I use Time4Learning for my online work.) I eat lunch and go on to co-op class homework. If you’re wondering more about co-ops, you can check out this post about them. I usually spend an hour or so on that, and the schedule of that depends on the classes; I’ll do Biology twice a week so I can be done by Sunday, Spanish (hopefully) every day, Government every day and Ecomonics every week (if there’s homework for that class). It all just depends on how much time it takes and how I divide it up.

My mom doesn’t teach me a lot anymore, but that’s mostly due to the fact that I have other siblings that need more hands-on learning while I can do Time4Learning and co-op homework by myself. But, I am taught by four homeschool moms (one for each co-op class) that seem to be well educated on their teaching subject. I’m given tests like any other public-school child but my curricula is different.

I assume when you say, “would (this) help you when it is time to apply for collages?” you mean if it’s good to be schooled by others? If so, then I suppose so. It all depends on who’s reading over your transcript and deciding to accept you or not. They may think if you have different teachers that you have more “people skills” and that you know how to react in a college classroom, but that you’re still homeschooled. And that’s good for most schools. They tend to like homeschoolers.

Once again, this is Meghan from Reading, Writing, and Homeschooling and if you have any questions, feel free to Ask A Homeschooler!


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October 2, 2013


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