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Hello, everyone! It’s Meghan from Reading, Writing, and Homeschooling! Today I’m answering a question from Celina. She writes:

Do you have homework in homeschooling? What is the best homeschool program?

It sounds like you’re starting to think about homeschooling. That’s good! And asking questions is a great way to take advice from people who have been homeschooling for a while. So, I’m going to answer your questions as best as I can, but it might be wise for you to check out the Beginner’s Guide as well. It’s really helpful!

The first question really just depends on what your parents want and what the curriculum you’re using mandates. I know that for me, I go to co-op classes on Monday and that involves homework every week. You can learn more about co-op classes here if you’d like. Although, I do have more homework if I didn’t complete my schoolwork for the week. Either it doubles up next week or I get it done on Saturday or Sunday. Like I said, it depends.

As for your other question about homeschool programs, there really isn’t a “best” program. I use Time4Learning for Science, History and English, but I also use a lot of other programs (All In One Homeschooling being another one.). But, it depends on the what works best for you. Time4Learning and All In One are more independent curricula. Take a look at the Curriculum Directory for a master-list of curriculum to look into.

I hope that helps you! And if you’re having more trouble, don’t forget to Ask A Homeschooler again! It’s a great way to get information and I love giving out the information!

Thanks, Celina!


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October 29, 2013


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