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Ask A Homeschooler

Hello, all! I’m here with another Ask A Homeschooler question to answer for you guys!

Brooke writes:

I am looking into being homeschooled and I wanted to know if you feel you have more time to yourself then if you went to public school.


First of all, it’s great that you’re looking into homeschooling! If you ever need any help regarding something else, you can obviously just Ask A Homeschooler again! But, to answer your question, I do think I have more free time than I would have if I went to public school.

For one, have you experienced all the homework public schoolers have, especially high schoolers? It’s actually kind of insane. I know my friends spend a good three hours on homework every night, and that’s after their nine hour school day. I, however, just do what I need to do during the day and I’m done.


Also, if you look at any regular homeschooler’s day, we get done with school fairly quickly. At least, I know that’s true for me. I think the reason that this is true is that when you’re in a classroom, the teacher has 30-or-so students vying for her attention. When you’re homeschooled, you have your mom (or dad!) teaching you, and sometimes your siblings.

So, yes, we do get more free time.

And don’t forget to Ask A Homeschooler if you have any questions regarding homeschooling!


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January 23, 2014


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