You Mean There’s Life After High School?

I understand it’s hard for several high school students to see beyond their tests, exams, essays, relationships, cramming, studying, partying, and in general, schooling, but I am here to assure you that high school is not the end of the world.

Believe me, I made it.

Nearly a year ago, I graduated from that oh-so-ominous high school.  And yes, there is life afterward.  It may be hard to remember that when it seems like you’re taking the biggest and possibly the most important test of your life but in reality, the sun will still rise tomorrow.  The world will still spin.  You’ll still have music.  Movies to watch in the theater.  Actors to celeb crush on (what?  Did I say that?).  Cars to drive.  Friends to laugh with.  People to love.  Life goes on, and I’m so glad it does.  Doesn’t that thought take the edge off of the big exam looming before you?  At least, it helped me.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t like to look back – they much prefer looking to what the future has in store for them.  I don’t exactly agree with that – how are we ever supposed to learn from our mistakes, remember wonderful memories, and cherish moments if we don’t look back?  While looking forward is exciting, I believe, in at least some ways, looking back is fulfilling.  So, this is my blog series: Looking Back.  I’m looking back at my wonderful homeschool high school days, and telling you a few of my stories.  Perhaps sharing a few tricks; indulging a few secrets.  I might – possibly – even share with you what I’m doing now that I’ve survived finished high school.  Most of all, I hope this blog series will have one resounding theme:

I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be homeschooled, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything.

Is that two themes?  Well, if so, that’s what I hope comes through in all of my blogs.  For now, I hope to leave you with the admonition that YES, there is beautiful life after high school.  No matter how rainy or hectic your days may seem (believe me, my senior year was a whirlwind of chaos), you will emerge a refined gem for all your hard work.

As in the words of one of my character’s from my current novel (yes, I’m also an author), “Gems only become beautiful after they are refined by fire.”  It hurts, but it’s worth it in the end.  A Presto!*


 *“See you later” in Italian.  Because it’s completely normal to end blog posts in a foreign language….


Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at

March 24, 2014


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