If I’m Thinking About Homeschooling High School, Where Should I Start?

“Help! I’m thinking about homeschooling high school and I don’t know where to start.” If this is you, relax! You are not alone. This is one of the most common questions asked by potential homeschoolers/homeschooling families. 

Where Do I Start My Homeschool High School Search?

The best place to start your homeschool high school search is with your kids. Sit down with them and find out how they feel about homeschooling. Discuss your goals and expectations. Make a list of questions you would all like answered. 

Next, if you are unsure of your state’s homeschool laws, you will need to locate them. You can accomplish this by Googling them; no need to get in trouble down the road. It is important to know what is required of you and when you need to accomplish it. Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states, but the laws vary from state to state.

Who Can Help In My Homeschool High School Search?

Veteran homeschooling families are a great source of help to new and potential homeschool high schoolers. They are full of sage advice. Take what works for you and respectfully pass on the rest. High School Homeschool Blogs and online homeschool forums are an easy way to meet these high school homeschooling families. Introduce yourself and start asking questions. Use the search feature on the group’s homepage to look for specific questions you have; chances are they have already been asked and answered. Remember, they have been where you are now. Homeschoolers are generally super friendly folks, and boy, do they love to share! Be prepared to make a few new friends along your discovery journey.

Conduct a Google search for local homeschool support groups and local homeschool co-ops. They are both great places to talk face-to-face to veteran and new homeschoolers. It is a chance to ask all the questions you have swirling around your brain. Do not forget your list of questions when you go to a meeting or class. These groups are also a great way to let your kids get a feel for what homeschooling can be like, though it is obviously unique to each family.

Finally, I highly suggest reading The Absolute Beginners Guide to Homeschooling High School.


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Jackie, a former public and private school teacher, enjoys homeschooling her 16 year old daughter via Time4Learning's new high school courses and other supplementals. Jackie keeps busy writing study guides, educational articles, and literature units for various online education companies as well as acting as an online marketing consultant. She is a contributing author at 3 D Learners.

April 1, 2014


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