How do I create a college-ready transcript?

 The basics of a homeschool transcript

This happens to be one of the most asked questions I see out there for anyone who is thinking about homeschooling their child through high school. Also, the one that I struggled with myself, I have kept good notes on classes,etc. that we have taken but putting it down on paper can be scary.  My first suggestion is to sit down and talk with your child about what schools that they are thinking of attending and what they are thinking their major field of study will be…(not that it will not change but it is a good starting point)  Some schools require more credits for general admission than others, some even have electives that they “suggest” aka you should have them on your transcript. Almost every college has a list on their site, of what courses are required to be accepted into their school. Even some others,that I personally looked into, don’t require a “traditional” transcript but a portfolio, even some samples of art, volunteer letter of recommendations, etc. I tell you all of this can make a normal mom go a bit nuts!

Homeschool transcript resources

If you check out our templates and downloads page on LHSHS, you will find helpful free planners to make sure that you fit all required and elective courses into your high school schedule. Here is a great info-graphic on helping your figure out giving credit for classes taken.  BUT my all time favorite info-graphic that we have made is the one that lists the basics for homeschool requirements for higher education, it gives you a template if your family doesn’t have a college picked out yet. In fact, until this year (junior year) my oldest didn’t know what he wanted to major in or if he even wanted to go to college. Once he finally came out and said what he was interested in , I saw that we were going to be missing an additional required science class! So we have rearranged some courses and fit in the additional class over the summer and next year! Good to be flexible when homeschooling, since things can change quickly.

 Thankfully there are a ton of great planning resources on creating a college-ready transcript on LHSHS, check out those resource pages for more information!

This is Michelle, signing out for now….AND remember to enjoy your journey with your child…its over sooner than you realize!

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Michelle has been a stay at home mom since her boys were born, in her previous life was an architectural drafter.
She now lives in North Carolina with her family(but has also called MO,AZ,FL,OR,IL home) and has been secular homeschooling since 2008.
Since she began homeschooling, her passion for literature helped create a site where it promotes
homeschoolers as the main or supporting characters.
Her personal blog gives a look into her somewhat crazy life, but shows how much fun homeschooling can be!

April 3, 2014


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