What are the online homeschool options in my state?

Where to start…..

First of all you and your student need to decide what is the best type of “online” high school option that would work best for your family. For my oldest son, that has been a mix of online classes ,co-op classes and student led projects/classes. We are using the new Time4Learning high school courses for English, Algebra (the bane of my son existence), and US History . For Spanish 2 and Biology,I have a co-op that offers them and  he enjoys them so bonus, (well he doesn’t enjoy Spanish but he loves the teacher). To round out our year he also is doing volunteering (community service credit), Art (with his artist father), PE (twice a week classes with a group of friends when we can otherwise with me), field-trip co-op on career development, and music (with a local music school). So while we personally use some online classes the “entire” package online high schools were not for us. We did try one his freshman year, I didn’t like the lack of control that I had over his assignments (in math they were going way too fast for him to get the procedure before moving on). So for our family it didn’t work for my oldest, now when my youngest is old enough we may try it again!

Some great links for you to check out….

On the site we have a growing list of high school curriculum providers (some old fashion book form and others that are online options), that you should defiantly check out.  There is another directory of online high schools here at LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com. Those are filtered by state, or are listed under “nationwide” if they are a private online school that is available to homeschoolers anywhere. Some states even offer  “free virtual high school”, so you should look into that if you are in one of those states. That is the beauty of homeschooling through high school – –  finding out what is going to be the best fit for your child to soar!  OH I almost forgot about dual enrollment!! MANY states offer these programs through your local community colleges and/or universities. These can either be in the classroom or online options, personally we didn’t make it into our local programs this year but we are going to try again for next year!


This is Michelle…signing out! Don’t forget to hug them while you got them, I catch my two EVERY chance I get!!

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Michelle has been a stay at home mom since her boys were born, in her previous life was an architectural drafter.
She now lives in North Carolina with her family(but has also called MO,AZ,FL,OR,IL home) and has been secular homeschooling since 2008.
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Her personal blog gives a look into her somewhat crazy life, but shows how much fun homeschooling can be!

April 9, 2014


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