What do extracurriculars look like in homeschool, and how do I track them?

The difference bewteen “elective” and “extracurriculars”

First  I feel like I should clarify the difference in these two terms that parents can sometime get confused about….”elective” and “extracurricular”. Electives are classes that are included in the academic course load and will be included on your high schoolers transcript. Extracurriculars are classes or activities that are outside the normal academic program and will not usually be something a high schooler will have on their transcript. BUT you should definitely  keep a journal or log of any extracurriculars that your homeschooler participates in throughout their high school career.

Let your highschoolers tell you want interests them

My oldest son’s main extracurricular is volunteering with numerous animal-related organizations. He just loves those animals – – ANY kind of animal – – and ANYTHING – – I MEAN ANYTHING to do with them! He has worked a private zoo, farms and animal shelters, asked neighbors if they needed any help, actually searched online to find more animal related projects to help out in. (OK for some of you that might be a no brainer but my guy doesn’t search for anything on the internet that isn’t required or game related! LOL)  Other extracurriculars that he has done include basketball, swimming team, and hiking. Check out LetsHomeschoolHighSchool.com on fun athletics for your state to see if there is something that would interest your high schooler.

This is Michelle signing out for now- And remember…. they only think that don’t want to learn about math right now…they will thank you later for your supreme knowledge!

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April 17, 2014


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