If I’m not planning on going to college, what alternatives are available?

The Possibilities are endless!

First I need to tell you that up until about 6 months ago my high schooler was determined that he wasn’t going to college. So I was on fast forward at checking out all the options out there for him, all of which are included in our resource page for College Alternatives.  This resource page is packed with more information than I could give you so check it out. I also have a number of friends who have graduated their homeschoolers that have checked out the military options to taking a year off to travel! (And yes I wish those were my parents as well!!) We were personally looking into Technical schools in our area to see if there were any professions that were of interest to our son. The best thing my son has been part of this year is a “field trip co-op.”  Now wait – –  its a different kind of field trip co-op – –  this one is called “A Day in the Life of”.  All the parents are in charge of setting up field trips to local businesses to show all the high schoolers all the different professions out there. We have went to a video gaming studio, vet’s office, zoo careers,water waste management, inventors and architects trips so far, and even though there were only a couple that piqued my son’s interest, they were all  helpful in letting him see what he would never want to do!!

Did you see the “we WERE thinking part”?

OK, another tid bit for all of you out there….unless you have a child who knows what he wants to do and is one of those kids who never change their mind about anything, YOU need to make sure that you plan for that just in case they want to go to a private or public college. I say this because my son’s hate of anything math had led me to do the bare minimum with the math classes. We had planned to go to Geometry, since he wasn’t going to college. I had filled the extra math classes with need-to-know type classes…we did accounting and personal finance. I did this because some of my friends never took any of these type of classes in school and had no clue how to balance their checkbook or budget their money.


This is Michelle signing out for now…catch you all later! Its family movie night and I get to pick out the MOVIE!!


Michelle has been a stay at home mom since her boys were born, in her previous life was an architectural drafter.
She now lives in North Carolina with her family(but has also called MO,AZ,FL,OR,IL home) and has been secular homeschooling since 2008.
Since she began homeschooling, her passion for literature helped create a site where it promotes
homeschoolers as the main or supporting characters.
Her personal blog gives a look into her somewhat crazy life, but shows how much fun homeschooling can be!

April 20, 2014


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