What Courses Does My High Schooler Need to Take to Get Into College?

Courses Needed For College Depend on the Individual School

It would be awfully nice to have a cut-and-dry list of courses to get into college, wouldn’t it?  Yet, on the other hand, I’m thinking it would be a little dull.  Either way, it really depends on which college your high schooler wants to attend.  Your absolute best bet would be contacting the college early on and finding out exactly what they require – many college websites even have a page dedicated to the requirements for acceptance of homeschoolers.

Think of it this way: If your student is aiming for an Ivy League school, you have a bit of work ahead of you.  If he or she is looking forward to community college, then not so much.  It truly just depends on what kind of school your student is looking to attend.

However, here is a general list of credits and courses that will work to fulfill the requirements for most schools.  Please recognize that I’m going on the safe side for this list – some schools may not require all those credits, but most schools do.

-English: 4 credits

-Math: 4 credits

-Science: 3 credits, including 3 lab sciences

-History: 3 credits

-Social Studies: 3 credits

-Foreign Language: At least 2 credits, some need 4 credits.

The Required Courses + Satisfactory ACT/SAT Scores + Official Transcript = Acceptance

Along with these courses, your student should definitely take the ACT and the SAT at least once, unless they are just aiming for community college.

Also, be sure to record all of your student’s credits on an official transcript – having taken the required courses won’t go very far without a transcript to prove it.  Thankfully, we have a fantastic transcript template available to make it as stress-free as possible.

For more information on high school requirements for colleges, head on over to these pages:

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If you have any other homeschooling high school questions, be sure to Ask A Homeschooler!


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April 21, 2014


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