How Can I Homeschool My High Schooler with Special Needs or Learning Disabilities?

Question near and dear to me

First of all, let me ask you a question…Who loves your child more then anyone else in the world? Silly question to any parent right? So who would be better to homeschool your child with special needs and/or learning disabilities than YOU!  I don’t think that you can do it alone, ( I have found help in areas we needed it in) whether you are a part of a state funded outreach program, a local support group (homeschooling or not) or just another parent who has gone through some of your struggles. (locally or online)

I should point out that my oldest has ADHD and some learning delays or disabilities.  He just can’t take in all the new information in the same way or as fast as other students. He went through the system until he was out of 5th grade, so I am here to tell you that it DOES make a difference in how they come out feeling about themselves and about learning if they are homeschooled. Sorry – –  I am a bit biased, but have been there and seen that and its not a good environment for most children to learn anything!

The “How to..” part

Now I do not know everything…shocking and please don’t tell the hubby that!!! Seriously though, when I don’t know something, I do the most basic thing….I ask questions!! If you want to homeschool your child with special gifts , then you need to climb out of your “comfort zone” and ASK!!  So, let’s say you know your kid hates math…and so do you? Ask around…maybe your child doesn’t like to do the normal book learning? Then find them an online program that peaks their interest in their much hated subject!! We are using Time4Learning’s high school program to help us get through Algebra 1 and 2, it has animated lessons that pique my son’s interest. Another great site for math is Khan Acedemy – – we love the how-to videos. Its a great help for when he asks how to do a function and I need a refresher as well!! If you have any specific questions, then one of the best places to ask them is on our parent forum – – chances are, other homeschooling parents have been through the same things.


This is Michelle signing out…Best tip for anyone who is homeschooling….MAKE IT FUN and take it slow! You have 4 years to get it all in!


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Michelle has been a stay at home mom since her boys were born, in her previous life was an architectural drafter.
She now lives in North Carolina with her family(but has also called MO,AZ,FL,OR,IL home) and has been secular homeschooling since 2008.
Since she began homeschooling, her passion for literature helped create a site where it promotes
homeschoolers as the main or supporting characters.
Her personal blog gives a look into her somewhat crazy life, but shows how much fun homeschooling can be!

April 23, 2014


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