What Happens When…You Are Behind In Your Work?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt that impending doom on our shoulders when we realize we’re behind in our schoolwork. But, what’s a person to do when that happens? How do we get caught up? I’ve been where you are enough times to know the best way out of this situation. So, what happens when you’re behind in your schoolwork?


  • How bad is it? Calculate how far behind you are. If you’re only a day or so behind, you can easily fix that by working on a Saturday to get everything done. However, if you’re a couple weeks behind, you may need to gradually fix your problem. See how much you can get done right when you realize you’re behind, because that’s usually when the motivation to fix everything strikes!
  • Fix it! Move your schedule! This may seem like the end of the world, but that free time you had needs to go. Move around your schedule so that you’re able to do more schoolwork and have less “play-time”. It’s horrible, I know, but it will help your problem. If you get behind right before the school year is over, that may mean you need to work another week or so into the summer to get done. Remember, high school isn’t all fun and games and sometimes you need to do a little extra work!
  • Do it this time around! Now that you’ve got your problem fixed, you need to work on actually doing the work! Make sure you don’t get behind again. If so, you’ll start to have less and less free time and suddenly you’ll be too far behind to help yourself. That’s not a good position to be in.

If you’re still having trouble, don’t fret! Tell your parents that you’re behind, and surely they’ll help you out. You’re all in this up-hill climb together, and always remember they’re on your team in the long-run! And, if worst comes to shove, you can always Ask A Homeschooler whose going through the same thing!


Meg is a self-proclaimed bookworm with a fascination for the written word and foreign languages. By the time she graduates, she hopes to have at least one of her on-going works published. To see Meg's book reviews, visit http://youngadultbookworm.wordpress.com/.

April 28, 2014


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