What are Some Mistakes to Avoid When Homeschooling High School?

We all make mistakes.  We as humans – in general – learn best after making the mistakes ourselves.  So, in a way, making mistakes is the best way to learn.  However, I’m certain most of us would rather not make those mistakes in the first place.  Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little heads-up to avoid wasting money, time, and effort.

The Lie: Homeschooling High School Might Leave Your Students Unprepared

I’ve known some to dub high school the most important part of their life.  Some parents are overly concerned about doing everything right in their student’s education to prepare them for the ‘real world.’

In all honestly, even if your student’s education is not as diverse as the next high schooler’s, it’s all right.  It won’t kill them.  It’s won’t damage them for life.  That’s the beautiful thing about life – experience in and of itself is the greatest learning tool a student can attain.

General Mistakes to Avoid in Homeschooling High School

  1. Controlling everything your student learns.  I am firmly believe that the worst thing you can do for your high schooler is control everything in their education.  It is a great way for them to learn responsibility, organization, and self-motivation.  Also, not just teaching your students, but teaching them how to learn is the most valuable tool you can give your student.  This will be something they will utilize for the rest of their life, and they will never stop learning once they have been taught how to teach themselves.
  2. Starting too late on a transcript.  Starting too late really makes it a pain later on when trying to remember course names and credits.  Basically, just have a transcript downloaded and ready by the end of their eighth-grade year.  When your student starts his or her ninth-grade year, fill in the transcript as needed.  Each year, continue this pattern.  By the time they have reached their high school graduation, the transcript will be complete and ready-to-go for colleges.
  3. Not calculating the GPA at the end of every year.  Waiting until senior year to calculate the yearly GPA is almost as much as a pain as not starting the transcript on time.  To make it easy, calculate the GPA at the end of every year when entering your student’s final grades.
  4. Not having a four-year-plan with a solid, reachable goal in sight.  It is very important to have a goal in sight with a four-year plan to reach it.  This will help focus your child’s education, and make it exciting as they get closer to graduation.

Check out this guide to high school for homeschooling students.  It’s kind of like a digital road-map for those crazy four years called high school.  We also have the absolute beginners guide for homeschooling high school to make things easy.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to Ask A Homeschooler!


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April 30, 2014


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