Ask A Homeschooler: Response to Tori

It’s Meg! I’m back with another question. This time it’s from Tori, who writes:

I was wondering where you can make friends and meet new people while homeschooling? I’m thinking of trying homeschooling again after it not having worked out before, one of the issues was that I couldn’t figure out how to get the same type of social aspect while homeschooling that you have at a public school.


I’m pretty sure any homeschooler has heard of the “un-socialization” myth that society has decided is true. That’s all it is though; a myth. It’s actually fairly easy to make friends with other homeschoolers, and people in general while you homeschool. We’re naturally pretty friendly!

Here are some tips for what to do.


Join groups!

Join new groups and jump out of your comfort zone. It’s okay to be the new kid; you make more friends that way!

There are a lot of groups out there. Check Yahoo Groups (which is where most of the homeschool groups hang out) for some in your region and look away!

Don’t be scared about showing up somewhere and not knowing anyone. When that happens, I tend to stick close to my mom because no matter how old I get, she’s the security blanket. But, that can’t go on forever so try to be strong and get out there to introduce yourself. Homeschoolers are pretty friendly.


Be confident!

I know it might be hard when sometimes you just want to go sit in a corner and be an introvert, but try to be more confident when you’re meeting new people and you’re more likely to make friends. Stand taller, don’t talk quietly, be rambunctious if you need to; you know, the usual.


Ask more questions!

If you’re not able/don’t want to join new groups, ask people you already know about different things. You might talk about movies all the time, but what if you and the person you like to talk to both like books more and you have no idea? Ask away! I’m sure you’ll be surprised about your findings.

You might not get to see these people every day, so you’re not likely to have the same exact social interaction as you would have in public school, but honestly, it just makes seeing your friends more of a treat. I hope this helps you! And if you have any other questions, you can always Ask A Homeschooler!


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June 20, 2014


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