Study Guide on Native American People

Native American People Study Guide

The study of the indigenous American people is one of great interest. In fact, over the years more information has become public surrounding the history of the North American Indian. In this study guide, we will simply point you in the direction of a wealth of information that can be used to assemble a quarter or semester study about these amazing people.

Text Resources

An Extensive List of Online Texts

The Government Census Board Info on American Indians

An Article that Gives Recommended Titles as well as Title to Avoid

Native American Language Resources

Language Resource Links

indian symbols



Virtual Field Trips

The Hubbell Trading Post

Museum of Northern Arizona

Native American Cultures Videos from




Native American Cultures (Reading and Worksheet)

Native American worksheets (middle school – 9th grade)

Native American Tribes – 17 resources

tribe map




Map Resource where you can choose which area and section, or which state you’d like to study.





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October 15, 2015


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