Women’s History Month Unit Study Resources

March is Women’s History Month, which makes the perfect time to explore or review some pivotal points in history that have made a huge difference for women and the women that have sacrificed to make that difference.



A great place to start in your study of Women’s History Month is to create a timeline. This allows the student to see just how the history of women in America unfolded.

Important Dates in Women’s History

Chronology of Women’s Suffrage Dates


Another exciting way to study women’s history is a travel timeline. If you can take a few days to travel to some of these historic sites, it would make for an intensely real and memorable study.

National Register of Historic Places


Creating a photo collage or research collage of the notable women throughout history would be a perfect vignette for learning. You could research women who have been trailblazers in art, music, sports, science, and even politics. You could even make it personal and add a section for women who have been influential in your life. Including interviews would add  a practical speech integration to the project.

National Women’s Hall of Fame

Women Who Changed History

Women in History  – Expository Writing

A Collection of Women’s History through photos and documents


Of course, any good unit study is going to have a strong foundation on books. Here are several sites we’ve found to be very helpful in providing quality books related to women’s history.

Women’s History Book List

Women Soldiers of the Civil War

Wearing Lipstick to War

Belva Lockwood – blazing the trail for women in law

Library of Congress resources


Women in History


The Library of Congress

Women’s Words of Wisdom over Time

Remember the Ladies – First Ladies





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