High School Science Projects

Sometimes as homeschoolers, it’s hard to do science projects in high school.  Maybe you associate high school science experiments with chemistry protective glasses in a lab, fumes swirling around the room, a mask on your face and your hands covered in plastic latex gloves—just in case.  While this is accurate for many experiments, there are projects you can complete right in your own home.  If you enjoy science, I recommend grabbing a couple of your friends and trying these out!

—Elephant Toothpaste.  This really is super cool, not to mention fun!  I’ve seen many high schoolers create elephant toothpaste for science fairs and chemistry extra credit.  You can find instructions here.  Still, don’t forget those protective glasses. 😉

—Faraday’s Experiment.  Do magnets and electrochemistry sound fun? Read more about it here.  Playing with electricity?  Make sure to exercise caution!

—Antibiotic Testing.  Have you learned about antibiotics in biology yet?  This is a great way to apply your knowledge!  Test bacteria susceptibility to antibiotics by following the instructions here.

—The Flame Test.  Observe the colors of metal and what that means about their compounds with this experiment!  Be careful with those flames, my friends. 🙂

—Dry Ice Bubble.  Is there truly anything much cooler in science than dry ice?  Creating this bubble is fascinating!  I always thought dry ice was so much more dangerous!  And to think you can just purchase it at a grocery store!  Who knew?  I didn’t!

Be sure to comment and let us know which one you tried and/or which one you liked best!  Personally, I’m fascinated with the dry ice bubble and elephant toothpaste.  However, if you’re one who adores biology, the antibiotic testing may be just as intriguing.  Or, if you love a science project not mentioned here, let us know what it is!  We’re always looking for fun options for teens!  I have to say, most of my experiments as a teen involved microscopes with biology, so when I hear about these more exciting projects, my inner nerd gets a bit excited.  Enjoy!


Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at http://www.tiallarising.com.

May 19, 2016


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