What are you afraid of? Fear of Writing

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What are you afraid of? Many home schoolers are afraid of teaching high school writing. Of course, we can all understand this thinking. Essay writing, research, and extensive papers are all a part of high school writing. Consequently, these are often the aspects of teaching high school writing/composition that can be worrisome for parents.

For some it’s the level of writing. Some homeschool parents just hated writing when they were in highschool and just don’t feel qualified to teach it at the highschool level. This thinking is completely unfounded. With all of the amazing home school resources out there, teaching any subject at any level is possible without having to be an expert in it! Statistics show that most successful home schoolers have parents who only have a high school diploma.

For some parents, it’s simply the time investment. Many parents struggle with being able to spend the intensive amount of time required to instruct their high schoolers in the art of writing -which is truthfully only the half of it. The other time intensive aspect is proofing and grading. It takes a lot of time to proof a research paper!

For other parents, it’s the aspect of commenting and critiqueing their own student’s work. It’s often difficult for highschoolers to take constructive criticism from their parents, learn from it, and apply it to their writing practice. In some situations, it’s alot easier to accept writing critique when it’s from a teacher or tutor.

For each of these scenarios, there are definite solutions.
1) Join a local home school co-op and participate in their writing courses. See our article for more information on home school co-ops and how they can benefit your home school.
2) Find a writing tutor. Sometimes homeschoolers shy away from using tutors. But, this is a great way to maximize the education that you are investing in at home. You can hire a tutor, which often will come to your home, and leave the instruction of the most difficult subjects to them.
3) Use online writing courses. In the last decade – homeschooling and the resources that accompany it – has exploded in popularity. The development of high quality high school writing resources has progressed to the point that there are so many resources, the problem lies in which one to choose! There are many different types, some of which include individual instruction, grading, and feedback (taking care of problem #3!).


Jamie Gaddy, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. has been an education professor for over 17 years. She is also a pastor’s wife, freelance writer, and entrepreneur who now homeschools four of her six children (ages 9-15) in a sweet tea sippin’, wrap around porch sittin’, sweet southern Georgia town. Jamie is also a contributing author at Online Education for Kids and MomSCHOOL

August 26, 2016


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