Homeschooling Mid-Year? Try Online Classes

Homeschooling mid-year? Try online classes

What does it mean to begin homeschooling mid-year?  If your family has decided to change your education route and give homeschooling a shot anytime from the months of December-February, you are starting your homeschool mid-year.  Congratulations on your decision, and we’re here to help.  Beginning homeschooling at anytime requires an adjustment period and can be a difficult transition, but doing so mid-year presents a few more challenges.  We’ve come to realize that for teens, online classes can help enormously with this change. Here are five reasons why.


–Learn from an expert.  If your high schooler is coming from a public or private school, there is a very real probability that they may not feel like you are a “real” teacher, or that this is “real” school, etc, no matter how fine they seem with the concept of homeschooling.  This belief doesn’t make their education (or you as a teacher) any less “real.”  However, it’s simply part of the transition and it can be hard to get out of the traditional schooling mindset.  Being taught by an “expert,” even if it’s just for a few classes, can help immensely with cementing the “real” feeling to their new education routine.   Another advantage of online classes is that older students often have different interests than their parents.  Online classes in those areas of interest allows the students to be taught by an expert in that field and foster their enjoyment of the subject.

–Life skills.  Taking online classes teaches teens the responsibility of reading their assignments thoroughly, answering questions as they should, and submitting assignments on time.  They are responsible for for own education through these classes, and must deal with the consequences if they don’t follow the teacher’s instructions or make the deadlines.

–Gives independence.  Along with responsibility, online classes gives teens a sense of independence.  Even taking just a couple of classes outside of mom’s instruction can help students enjoy the fact that they aren’t just under mother’s wings at all times, which can be hard for a teen to accept when coming from a traditional school environment.  It builds confidence in their abilities to learn from other sources.

–Prepare students for college.  If your teens haven’t taken online classes before now, it’ll be a great time to start.  Students will more than likely have at least a couple of online classes in college, thus taking a few in high school will help give them an idea of what to expect.  Before being thrown into something new like this with college, online classes in high school will give them the opportunity to learn how focus with an online class, remove distractions, and read/watch lectures with as much attention as they would in a traditional class.  Additionally with meeting deadlines and being responsible for turning in their work, this will give them a great head start for college.  Along those same lines, you might be interested in looking for colleges that are friendly toward homeschoolers.

–Relieve stress from parents.  You are just transitioning from traditional school to homeschool.  There are many changes and it can all be rather overwhelming.  Even just a couple of online classes for your teen can make a huge difference in your stress levels.  It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that it’s a lot to take on all at once.  Those online classes can also give you a chance to catch up on other things like household work, finances, etc.  Also, if you work part-time, online classes are a great option for keeping school going while you are working.  Online classes simply help lighten your load as a homeschooling parent with automatic record keeping, and removing the brunt of teaching and grading.


Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at

January 26, 2017


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