Pros of Year-Round Homeschooling as a High Schooler

Pros of Year-Round Homeschooling

Considering this is my “Looking Back” series, you might be expecting me to say that I was homeschooled year-round when I was a high schooler.  I have to disappoint you there.  I did not homeschool year-round, not in high school or any other grade.  However,  I can definitely see some benefits of keeping up homeschooling through the year.  If you are looking into it, let’s chat about the five pros I’ve considered.


–Less pressure.  When you have all year, including summer, to work through your school, there is far less pressure and strain!  A typical school year schedule is usually based on week-to-week assignments and checking off lessons, but there’s a bit more wiggle-room in your schedule when you extend your school year to year-round.  If you need to spend a week with your grandparents or you’re sick for some time, it’ll be fine because that week can be completed in the summer.

–More freedom.  Due to having an extended school year, you can actually spend more time on your hobbies and still get your school done for the year.  Say you want to spend more time following your passion with the piano, with your novel, with your carpentry, etc–you can do it when you homeschool year-round!

–Less memory loss.  You know the blank slate that becomes your mind at the beginning of each year after summer break because you haven’t studied for a month and a half?  That doesn’t happen when you homeschool year-round.  By all means, take a week or two off before starting your new grade, but cutting out the long break will make a drastic difference in remembering what you’ve learned for the next year.

–More electives.  There’s more than one way to approach year-round homeschooling.  Did you know, you can still finish school by June as usual and then spend the summer studying electives?  This is a great way to give yourself extra freedom during the typical school year (because you won’t have as many subjects to study without electives) and less stress during the summer portion.  You’ll still get all your work done for the year, just in different segments.  Summer will also feel more like “summer break,” because electives tend to be more voluntary and fun.

–Extra credit.  Studying through the summer gives you the ability to earn extra credit.  Similar to the previous point, you can complete your normal load of credits during the typical school year, and then pack some extra credits onto your transcript with some summer courses.  This would also get you ahead, perhaps prepare you for college (depending on your courses and how much they make your transcript sparkle), and maybe even help you graduate early!


Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at

June 5, 2017


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