10 Great Winter Studies for High School Students

10 High School Learning Activities for Winter

Ah, those long cold days where you are stuck inside just looking for something to do. Take advantage of the time and do some high school winter study! Incorporate ideas into a science experiment, visit places that can prompt a study, or add some great books on winter to your couch, blanket, and fire routine. These homeschool winter resources are sure to make your time indoors much more interesting!

High School Winter Studies

  1. Discover Why it’s So Freakin’ Cold!
  2. Study the increased incidence of cold vs. heat-related deaths
  3. Investigate the Effects of Weather Conditions on Physical Activity
  4. Write an essay on The Real Reason Germs Spread in the Winter
  5. Research Why Cold Weather Wakes up Your Mind
  6. Craft a Science Experiment on Why Winter Causes Colds
  7. Read Snow-walker by Catherine Fisher (Young Adult)
  8. Read The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges (Young Adult)
  9. Read Trapped by Michael Northrop (Young Adult)
  10. Read The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan (Young Adult)











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November 8, 2017


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