What Do Universities Expect from Homeschoolers?

What Do Universities Expect from Homeschoolers?

Is your homeschooled student considering Bob Jones University for college? If so, he or she may be interested in the interview we conducted with Bob Jones. We wanted to know what chances homeschoolers have of being accepted and if there was anything the school wanted us to know. Below, you’ll find our questions and their answers!

1. Does Bob Jones have a policy toward admitting homeschoolers?

Generally speaking, homeschooled students have the same admission requirements as other students who apply to BJU.  The requirements include:

  • High school transcript
    16-18 units of high school work with a minimum of 10 academic subjects. The recommended minimum distribution of academic units is:English—three units
    Mathematics—two units
    Science—one unit
    Social Studies/History—two units
    Foreign Language—two units
  • Two recommendations
    Church leader recommendation
    General recommendation
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Agreement with BJU’s Student Covenant

2. Homeschoolers are thought to make up around 3% of the K-12 population in the United States. Do you know if you accept them proportionately?

For the 2017-2018 academic year, homeschool graduates comprised approximately 33% of BJU’s student body.

3. How does BJU organize to review homeschoolers? I know most admissions officers are focused regionally so they get to know the schools in their regions. How are homeschoolers handled?

Homeschooled students are handled by the admission counselor for the territory in which the student resides.  Homeschooled students are identified in our database and the admission counselor attempts to strategically provide assistance and direction to the student/family based on commonly understood values of homeschooling families. This past year, there has been a more dedicated and focused effort to recruit homeschoolers. A team was formed and a consulting group hired to provide direction and strategy to the recruiting effort.

4. Do homeschoolers end up being typical BJU students or are they distinctive in any way? Do they have formal or informal groups on campus?

Currently, there are no formal homeschool support groups on campus. In our experience, we have found homeschoolers adjust to college life at BJU and thrive as typical students! In my personal experience as a homeschool graduate, I quickly adjusted to college life and loved my college experience!  For the most part, homeschoolers are disciplined and hardworking in their classes. However, we have found some homeschoolers tend to struggle in the STEM majors a little bit.

5. A big trend in homeschooling is for families to homeschool for a few years but not all the way through high school. Do you think homeschooling makes a candidate more interesting?

Not necessarily. Again, in relation to their peers, homeschoolers thrive at BJU and do well in the academics and programs at BJU.

6. What is disproportionately important in homeschoolers’ applications?

Homeschoolers tend to hold off on filling out an application to attend BJU. Perhaps it is because they aren’t as used to deadlines because of the nature of homeschooling. However, our suggestion is for homeschoolers to begin as early as possible in filling out an application for BJU so they then can apply for scholarships and student financial aid.

For more information on Bob Jones, you can visit them at on the web or call (800) 252-6363.


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May 23, 2018


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