College Life Series: Tracking College Credits

tracking college credits

About to start college? Freshman year is such an exciting (and somewhat scary) time!  Wondering if you’re ready for this whole – college thing? From the start, it is very important to be making a four year plan in order to maximize time spent learning. This will also help to ensure graduation happens when you planned! Financially, it makes sense to finish a bachelor’s degree in the alloted four years. And, a huge part of accomplishing that will be in tracking college credits.

Why Track Your Own Credits?

You might wonder about the student advisors at college. Aren’t they supposed to track your credits? Yes, but with advisors assisting so many students at once; they can sometimes miss something. It’s vital that you know what you need, what you’ve taken, and keep an “extra set of eyes” on your credits. Tracking your progress might also serve as a great motivator  – keep an eye on your timeline!

How Do You Find Out the Requirements?

Look for their degree requirements on the website of the college your student is attending. It’s as simple as that. They should go to the college website and find the page that shows the yearly requirements needed to achieve the degree in which they are majoring.

What Are Some Methods Of Tracking?

Tracking college credit isn’t a mystery. It’s a pretty straight-forward process and there are actually apps and technology that can simplify that process for you!


Google apps- One of the best ways is to utilize the many resources from Google+.  That way, you have access to your four year plan and the courses you have taken from your computer, phone, or other device.

G Suite– Everything you need is included here with calendars, documents, and gmail.

iStudiez Pro-This is perfect for the student on the go. This app manages assignments, homework, class schedule, course and instructor details, your current grades and GPA.

Todoist– This is exactly what it is- A to do list! It manages tasks from small to large in one handy place.

Four-Year Plan TemplateDo you prefer something that you can print off for a planner? Try this template!

College Four Year Plan– This blogger offers great tips for planning plus has a free 4 year college course planner to print off.

College credit planner– From Microsoft track your college credits and graduate on time with this handy template. Enter your course information and let Excel figure it all out!

My Study Life– Do you prefer digital planners instead of paper planners? This might be worth checking out and it’s FREE

Studious– Use this app to organize your class schedule, assignments, and tests. It even includes maps of college and university campuses




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July 28, 2018


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