Homeschool Friendly Colleges in New York

Homeschool Friendly Colleges in New York

One of the key characteristics that set homeschoolers apart from traditionally schooled students is the flexibility that homeschooling allows. Homeschool students can take their learning outside where the world is an endless learning opportunity. They can spend more time learning about things they enjoy and have a passion for. Students have the flexibility to spend a day shadowing a dentist or volunteering at the local wildlife center researching native and invasive animal species.

These passions prove to be significant during the admission process for colleges in New York and all around the country. As homeschoolers tend to score higher on standardized tests and earn more credits in their high school years, more colleges and universities are actively recruiting homeschoolers to attend their school. That being said, in many cases homeschoolers need to provide more material during the application process than their public school peers. However, all applicants are equally evaluated.

If you’re looking for New York colleges that accept homeschoolers, this is a good place to start. We’ve listed the top college requirements for homeschoolers so you can get an idea of what you’ll need to do if you’re interested in that particular school.

We try to regularly update this page as more and more colleges and universities are becoming homeschool friendly.


Ivy League

Columbia University – If you are interested in studying either Art, Engineering and Technology, or Science, Columbia University should be considered. Ranked 16th in the world amongst all schools, this Ivy League school is known for its diverse culture, faculty, and stunning campus.  Columbia University also has a top-notch graduate program for those looking to further their studies beyond their Bachelor’s degree. All homeschool applicants undergo the same evaluation process as any other Columbia applicant. There are many factors that go into the decision-making process such as academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, special talents, and abilities just to name a few.  

  • Requirement 1-Send in a copy of your curriculum for the past four years
  • Requirement 2-If you have taken classes at a local college or university or had an instructor or tutor brought in to teach one or more particular subjects, that instructor should write a recommendation letter. If not, the homeschooling teacher/parent will need to write a recommendation letter.
  • Requirement 3- Required standardized testing complete

Find full details on the application process for homeschooled students.

Cornell University – While Cornell has seven undergraduate colleges, the two largest undergraduate colleges are the College of Arts and Science and the College of Agriculture and Life Science. With over 21,000+ students, Cornell looks for those applicants who will be a good fit for the culture and who will continue to implement their philosophy. Cornell also looks for applicants that have academically challenged themselves and been involved in their community, extracurricular activities, and more.

  • Requirement 1-Complete a Common Application or Universal College Application
  • Requirement 2-Submit the school report and counselor recommendation
  • Requirement 3-Submit two teacher evaluations
  • Requirement 4-Submit a midyear report
  • Requirement 5-Application fee
  • Requirement 6-Standardized test scores
  • Requirement 7-High school transcripts
  • Requirement 8-Submit Cornell University’s Questions and Writing Supplement or Cornell Supplement

For Arts and Sciences undergraduates 

For Engineering undergraduates 

For Medical undergraduates 

State Universities & Community Colleges

NYU – New York University is most popular for its Film, Business, Law, and Arts programs and the diverse culture that attends the university. The NYU mission is to ensure a wide range of perspectives, including international perspectives, in the students’ educational experience. With that, they look for applicants who can exemplify their mission during their years at NYU.

  • Requirement 1-Transcript
  • Requirement 2-Standardized test scores (recommended)
  • Requirement 3-Recommendations (2)
  • Requirement 4-Proof of graduation


University of Rochester – The University of Rochester is one of the country’s top-tier research universities. They are well known for their music program, their medical school, and its optics department. This university is unique in that the class sizes are smaller with a 10:1 student to teacher ratio. Admissions counselors at the university conduct a holistic review, considering a variety of factors when evaluating applicants. The self-directed curriculum makes Rochester an attractive and appropriate choice for students who have a homeschool education.

  • Requirement 1-Submit a comprehensive description of the program of study
  • Requirement 2-Personal statement
  • Requirement 3-Transcripts
  • Requirement 4-Recommendations (3)
  • Requirement 5-Proof of graduation requirement completion


Syracuse University – Founded in 1870, Syracuse University’s most popular majors are Business, Journalism, Engineering, and Social Sciences. Syracuse takes chances on people who dream big. If you’re ready to craft your own academic experience, conduct innovative research, and cheer on the Orange, Syracuse University is the place for you!

  • Requirement 1-Transcripts
  • Requirement 2-Test scores (SAT1 or ACT)
  • Requirement 3-Recommendations (2)
  • Requirement 4-Proof of graduation requirement completion or GED


Binghamton University – Binghamton is happy to accept and review applications from those who gained an at-home schooling experience. To maintain consistency in how Binghamton reads its applications, they thoroughly evaluate whether you’ve met the necessary foundation of skills and academic credentials to be successful at the university as a homeschooled applicant.

  • Requirement 1-IHIP Plan for all four years
  • Requirement 2-Proof of graduation requirement completion or GED


Hamilton College – Hamilton College is the third oldest college established in the state of New York. Hamilton’s Admission Committee seeks candidates with intellectual curiosity, academic promise, and a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. All applications will be carefully reviewed and evaluated on the basis of their merits and in the context of the strengths of the applicant pool.

  • Requirement 1-Transcript
  • Requirement 2-Short narrative
  • Requirement 3-Test scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Requirement 4-Recommendation letters


Barnard College – While admission is highly selective, their process is holistic and contextual; no one criterion or score determines acceptance. In addition to school records, recommendations, writing, and test scores, they carefully consider each applicant in terms of her personal qualities, intellectual capacity, and the rigor of the curriculum she has pursued, as well as her potential for achieving at Barnard. They review each applicant in the context of her school, community, and individual story.

  • Requirement 1-Transcripts
  • Requirement 2-Teacher recommendations (2, non-parent only)


Union College – Since 1795, Union College has been continually redefining what it means to provide a liberal arts education to its students. Union College strongly encourages homeschooled students to visit the campus to conduct a personal interview. Your personal interview with one of their Admissions counselors or highly trained senior interns is a way for you to round out your profile and let them learn more about your college interests and goals.

  • Requirement 1-Transcripts, including class location, books used, the method of evaluation, and final grade
  • Requirement 2-Test scores (SAT or ACT)


Marymount Manhattan –Marymount Manhattan College is an urban, independent, liberal arts college located in Manhattan. The mission of the College is to educate a socially and economically diverse student body. Marymount states, “Be bold. Be different. In other words, be yourself.” While your academic performance is important, they consider all of your strengths.

  • Requirement 1-2 Letters of recommendation (1 not from parent)
  • Requirement 2-Transcripts including completed coursework and grades
  • Requirement 3-Recommend (2) SAT II Subject Test
  • Requirement 4-Complete homeschool information form
  • Requirement 5-Pass TASC exam


Stony Brook University – For this mid to large homeschool friendly university in New York, freshman admissions are often based primarily on the strength of the student’s high school curriculum, performance within that curriculum, and SAT or ACT scores. Special consideration may be given to those with truly exceptional talents and achievements in the arts, athletics, and co-curricular activities.

  • Requirement 1-Complete personal statement
  • Requirement 2-Copy of academic record
  • Requirement 3-Test scores (SAT Reasoning Test or ACT)
  • Requirement 4-Teacher evaluation


State University of New YorkThe State University of New York recognizes that homeschooling is more of a holistic educational experience than traditional high school programs. With that, they require more of a comprehensive application submission. The review of an applicant’s academic work will be by academic year so that they can get a clear, year-by-year picture of achievement and motivation throughout the course of the applicant’s high school career.

  • Requirement 1-Copy of IHIP for each year of high school
  • Requirement 2-List of syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks, plan of instruction;
  • Requirement 3-List of courses taken and transcripts
  • Requirement 4: Copies of quarterly reports to the local school district
  • Requirement 5: Annual assessment in accordance with section 100.10


The Kings College – The King’s College education shapes students to live lives of honor, integrity, and courage. Students undertake a program of serious academic rigor rooted in Christian conviction. Through their studies and their participation in campus life, students learn wisdom and build character.

  • Requirement 1-High school transcript
  • Requirement 2-Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, and/or CLT)

Visit the full list of requirements for homeschoolers at this college here.


Roberts Wesleyan College – Life at Roberts is a journey to help you find and discover your best self – the person God created you to be – so that you’re prepared for professional success and a life filled with meaning and joy as you serve others.

  • Requirement 1-Standardized test scores
  • Requirement 2-Transcripts
  • Requirement 3-Submit any dual enrollment course credit for evaluation

For the full list of college requirements for homeschoolers at this institution visit.


Hudson Valley Community College – This is another college that admits homeschoolers looking to supplement their current curriculum or apply as a full-time student, HVCC has an extensive list of course offerings. Hudson Valley Community College’s mission is to provide dynamic, student-centered, comprehensive, and accessible educational opportunities that address the diverse needs of the community.


Alfred State – Alfred State admits those applicants who have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent. Because of this requirement, Alfred State has established a specific admission policy with respect to homeschooled students. The purpose of the policy is to ensure that homeschooled students are treated fairly, yet in accordance with the requirements set forth by the college. Homeschooled students will be eligible for further consideration if they provide one of the following:

  • Requirement 1-Pass TASC/GED
  • Requirement 2-Statement from superintendent attesting to students completion of a program of home instruction
  • Requirement 3-Standardized test scores
  • Requirement 4-Grade of 65 or higher on New York regent exams (5)


Fredonia University Fredonia is a comprehensive, public, liberal arts university located in western New York. Though homeschooled students will need to submit all necessary requirements as traditionally schooled students plus a couple more requirements as shown below as part of the application process, both homeschooled and traditionally schooled students are equally evaluated when applying to the University.

  • Requirement 1 – Complete SUNY or Common Application
  • Requirement 2 – Personal Essay
  • Requirement 3 – Official High School Transcripts and SAT/ACT Test Scores
  • Requirement 4 – Statement from superintendent attesting to students completion of a program of home instruction
  • Requirement 5-Pass general comprehensive exam for the state school equivalency diploma (GED) and proof of diploma itself

To find out what other colleges and universities are homeschool friendly in New York and around the nation visit LetsHomeschoolHighSchool Colleges page.


Jamie Gaddy, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. has been a college education professor for over 17 years. Education has been an integral part of her life in both the classroom and as a principal. Six children later found her dissatisfied with traditional schooling and homeschooling became the better fit. She is also a pastor’s wife, remote project manager, and entrepreneur who now homeschools four of her six children (ages 11-17) in southern Georgia. Jamie loves to share about her homeschool experience and help other homeschoolers find success. Connect with her at [email protected]

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