The Benefits of Studying Abroad

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Does your student dream of traveling to other countries to explore new lands and cultures? They may be able to turn that dream into a reality all while pursuing their goals for higher education. Financially this might seem like it’s impossible, but there are ways to do for free or very little.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • The first step is to research a location.  It’s important to find the cheapest places to study abroad, without sacrificing quality.
  • Check out your health insurance policy to see if it covers out of the country wellness issues.
  • Be mindful about what needs to be packed for the semester. Electronic devices may need a converter or a plug adapter to operate safely.
  • Ensure that it is legal to take all prescription medications that are needed into that country. You may need a doctor’s letter and copies of the prescriptions if questioned.
  • It is wise to use traveler’s checks and major credit cards instead of cash while visiting another country.


Countries that Offer Free College Tuition

The internet is an invaluable resource in discovering how to study abroad in college for free. Some countries offer free education to international students. While learning the language is a must, sometimes students can also attend english speaking classes. Here are some ideas on which countries to consider.

  • Germany– There are no undergraduate tuition fees at most public universities in Germany which is applicable to German students and international students. Only a small fee is charged to cover administration costs.
  • France– France is another country that students can study for free or at a very affordable cost. There are some university costs but they are a fraction of the cost tuition fees in the United States. They also welcome international students.
  • Nordic Countries– It’s possible to also experience northern European countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and get an education for free or low cost. Like Germany these countries will only require a registration fee or a semester fee that is minimal.
  • Other European Countries– Some other European countries to check out are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, and Spain. These countries are similar to the other countries listed. They welcoming international students for free or very low cost.


Scholarship Tips for Studying Abroad

Scholarships are also a possibility at the schools that do have a higher tuition. Here are some helpful links to look through.


List of Tuition Free or Low Cost Universities of the World



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December 18, 2018


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