Top 5 Most Useful Languages to Study in High School!

Top 5 Most Useful Languages to Study in High School!


Why would you want to have your students learn a foreign language in high school?

First off, you are able to speak to a wide variety of people beyond your own language. Learning a second language can open a student up to a lot more opportunities in life. The amount of people you will be able to communicate with will grow. Being able to speak two or more languages will also make job opportunities abound. Big companies often have business relationships with international companies. Employers want employees who can speak fluently in a second language. Knowing another language can boost confidence and help make traveling easier thus giving your student the opportunity to even study abroad and learn about other cultures. What are the top languages for students to learn?



Spanish is spoken in over 20 countries worldwide with about 450 to 500 million native speakers worldwide.( Depending on what state you live in knowing Spanish could even open up many jobs right here in the United States. Knowing Spanish would definitely be an advantage in a wide range of career fields.



Since China is one of the world’s oldest cultures it is also one of the largest populations in the world with over 1.28 billion people. One-fifth of the planet speaks Chinese making it the most widely spoken first language in the world. Not only is Mandarin Chinese spoken in China it is also spoken in important Chinese communities in other nations such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore to name just a few. Do not forget that China has the second largest economy in the world and is one of the largest trading partners with the United States.



Did you know that French and English are the only languages spoken on all five continents? In fact, more than 220 million people speak French all around the world. Used in international communication, French is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Knowing French as a second language would come in handy in business and of course in travel. French is both a working language and the official language of the United Nations. Learning French would be a good idea for anyone considering a career in any international organization.



Knowing German with certain job fields can give you an average salary boost of four percent in the United States and if you live in Europe it can be even more! In the United States, there are about 3,500 German-owned business operations. Germany is considered a significant U.S. trading partner. Is your student wanting to pursue a career in STEM? German is the second most commonly used scientific language. There are also many research fellowships offered in Germany to scientists from abroad.



It is very beneficial for high school students to study Latin. More than any other language Latin can help improve the understanding of the English language because of the fact that our English vocabulary has so many Latin roots. Of course, this could only help when students are prepping for the SAT/ACT. Expanding to other subjects, Latin could also help a student learn more about the history and culture of Western Civilization. Of course, Latin is also the language of medicine, law, science, and liturgy. Any student hoping for a career in one of these areas would greatly benefit from studying the Latin language.



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May 16, 2019


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