How To Use AP Courses in Your Homeschool

How to Use AP Courses in Your Homeschool

First off, what are AP courses?

AP/Advanced Placement courses is a program that is run by College Board. This program gives high school students the opportunity to take college credit courses while they are still in high school. These classes will earn your student college credit and/or qualify them for more advanced classes when they start college. To earn the credit they must pass the AP Exam. 


Well, what are AP Exams?

An Ap Exam is the test of all that you learn while in an AP class. Some students choose to skip the AP class and instead study for the AP exam itself, it is really a better idea to actually take the class or study the information. You earn college credit if you pass the exam which is given at the end of the year in May with a score of at least 3 as the AP tests are scored between a 1 and 5. Passing an AP course is a good indicator that a student is capable of handling College level classes. 


Why should my student take an AP course?

  • If homeschoolers take and pass enough of them, they can sometimes skip a semester of college.
  • These courses can prepare students for college writing assignments. 
  • It’s no surprise that colleges are excited to enroll eager students and if you can show you’ve taken a difficult course it will be a sure sign that you are worth taking a second look at.
  • Homeschoolers who score well on AP exams before their senior year (the scores are not available until July, which is too late to help seniors) often get scholarship offers from colleges.
  • Taking an AP course and passing the test is a sign that you’re capable of handling college-level work, which will strengthen your college applications immensely.

How can we include AP classes in our homeschooling?

You can get the textbooks and information and treat it like any other homeschool class but another really good option would be to do an online class. There are at least four sources of AP Internet courses available to homeschooled students;, APEX at,Stanford University’s Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) courses at, and or or Scholars Online Academy at


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October 8, 2019


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