2019 Gift Giveaway Voting!

It’s hard to believe that it’s the Holiday Season yet again! But… here we are and everything is about to get crazy! If you’re feeling the chaos beginning to suck you in, you need to listen up!

All of us homeschool moms at Let’s Homeschool High School have banded together to bring you a holiday INTERVENTION. First, we’ve got the Gift Giveaway Voting which gives you a chance to enter to win a gift! That means one less gift you have to search for and cross off your list! AND, December 2nd we’ll be launching our Huge Holiday Gift Guide resource to help eliminate the stress of finding the right gifts for your teen! You heard that right… we’ve got teens helping us pull these gift ideas so it’s coming right from the source!

Get started with a peaceful holiday by voting now to enter the giveaway (and your chance to cross one present off your list!)

November 18, 2019


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