7 Effective Ways to Help Students Cope with Stress During Studies

7 Ways to Help Your Homeschool Cope with Study Stress


Stress is something common and every human experience it during his lifetime. However, it is your perspective on the situation that can change the way you perceive stress. Students can easily be stressed by the chaotic schedule or by the assignments they have to do. And as a student, it is hard to be in your best form and maintain your enthusiasm high for the whole year.

Experts from my assignment help say that if you are supportive and a source of comfort for your children, you can help them cope with stress. Stress comes with anxiety, low self-esteem and a decrease in the ability to focus and affects the memory of a student. So, it is better to find ways to cope with the stress that is effective and diminish its effects. Here are seven effective ways you can help a child cope with stress during studies.

  • Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness have begun to gain momentum in the last few years. More and more people began practicing guided meditation and they have reported good benefits. Studies show that regular meditation has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and it is an effective way to cope with stress.

Meditation helps someone rebalance his mind and body and it improves the power to focus. It is also linked with an improved state and wellbeing, so it seems it is the right way to cope with stress. Some apps can guide you through meditation, like Headspace.

During a meditation session, you focus on your breath, on the warm sensation of your body and its weight. You pay attention to your thoughts and to what happens in the surrounding.

  • Writing as a Form of Meditation

Even though most people think that if you meditate, you need to lay back on a couch and do not move, it is not always the case. Meditation is about relaxation and the laying-back-technique is not suited for everyone. There are also other meditation practices, like writing, that have the same benefits.

All you need is a pen, paper, and a meditation prompt. Choose a place where you cannot be disturbed and begin writing. Set the timer for 10 or 20 minutes and start writing.

  • Yoga

Yoga consists of all kinds of body stretches that warm your body and make you feel good. And if it is combined with meditation, the results can be amazing.

However, there are specific yoga stretches for stress relief and this can turn in an effective way to cope with stress. The tension generated by stress is stored in the body, so stretching it relieves stress. All is needed is a room with enough space to do yoga poses.

  • Doing Sports

Not only yoga but all kinds of exercise act as a stress reliever. Doing sports facilitates the release of endorphins, which in turn makes you feel good. It has been recognized that sports are a natural way to relieve stress, but also something that makes you feel good.

People report high optimism levels after a hard workout, so this seems to be the right mindset for coping with college struggles. Besides yoga that combines stretching with breathing techniques, you can choose jogging, basketball or the new eco-friendly trend plogging.

Jim Schum from assignment help says that going to the gym while being a student was an effective way to cope with stress. And all you need is your sports clothes and music in your ears.

  • Breathing Techniques

Another effective way to cope with stress is to learn some breathing techniques. They are an important part of meditation and yoga, but they can be practiced independently too. Research shows that deep breathing for about 20 to 30 minutes per day is an effective way to cope with stress.

Like this, your brain is supplied with more oxygen which induces a state of calm in your body. The easiest one is the 4-7-8 breathing technique. You breathe for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds.

  • Sleep Well

Most students think that if they cut some hours of sleep, they will manage to learn more. But after a full day of studying, your body needs rest. Sleep is known to be another natural but effective way to help students and not only cope with stress. Sleep helps people sediment what they have learned during the day and it is known to improve memory.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation has only negative effects, especially on the lives of students who need a good power of focus and learning. It causes sleepiness and it impairs attention, concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving. It depends on every human how much sleep he needs, but adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep per night.

  • Pets

It might be more difficult for some students if they live with colleagues in students’ dormitories, but not impossible. While some can adopt a cat or a dog, others can have fish. Pets are a natural way to decrease stress and research has shown that if you pat your pet for a couple of minutes, your body will be flooded with hormones that make you feel happy.

And when you are happy, you are relaxed and not stressed. Fish tanks have also been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Just watching a fish tank for some minutes has a soothing and relaxing effect, acting as a stress relief. This is why some dentists have fish tanks in the waiting room.

To be able to learn and memorize, a student needs to be in his best form. However, it is difficult to maintain a positive and stress-free mindset. But meditation and yoga are effective ways to cope with stress and all you need is a silent place.

Sports and breathing techniques are other forms of coping with stress, as well as good night sleep. Besides the relaxing effects of pets, they also help people cope with difficulties by acting as attachment figures and offering comfort.


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March 29, 2020


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