Rising Middle Schooler? How Does an Online Middle School Work?

How Does ONline Middle School Work?

Are you thinking of exploring an online school? Is this the correct time? You are probably undergoing a feeling of excitement, confusion, and anticipation, all at a time. A number of questions might be surging up in your mind. Will I have a schedule? Do I have to go to class? How will the parents know if I am in school? How will I submit my assignment? How do I get help if I have any doubts? Will I get to interact with my peers and teachers?

A summation of all these basic questions leads to the bigger question, “How does an online school work for middle school students?

Middle school is a crucial stage in the lives of learners. An online middle school for students in grades 6-8th is a virtual classroom developed as per the needs of learners. Middle school is always an exciting time as students become increasingly independent. They begin to take responsibility of their learning. The online middle school helps students see their own potential and explore many possibilities that are open to them in the near future. In fact, students are always motivated to take the lead in their studies and are held to a high standard as they move towards their high school academic years.

Let’s look at how is a day organized for middle school students who study in an online school:

Course work for each day: With an online school, students log in and start their class by reading, watching videos, attending live classes etc. Teachers gather data from workbooks and questions to identify where students are struggling and facing problems. Accordingly, classes are conducted. Teachers and students log in real-time to discuss any topics or difficult questions and expound on lessons wherever needed. These sessions are also recorded, so students can access them later. If students have a question, they do not have to wait for the next online class. They can reach out to the teacher via instant messages through portal or emails. Workbooks, quizzes, exams and other materials are all completed online.

Semester wise breakup of an academic year to help students relate and transition smoothly from a traditional school: To help middle school students transition from traditional to online school, online schools follow a somewhat similar pattern of academic schedule as in a traditional school. The only difference is that they can do so at the comfort of their homes with updated coursework and personalized attention from teachers.

Personalized Teacher Support: Students start to work directly with highly qualified educators for their courses. They remain under the guidance of an education counselor or an advisory educator for the overall support. Students actively participate in the online middle school lessons and educator-led online instruction session. Educators from online middle schools provide not only more specific instructional assistance but also the opportunity to communicate and work with their peers. But as a parent, you are also committing to keeping an eye on your child’s task.

Courses and activities: Students get exposure to many different subjects. Students enrolled in online programs can choose from amongst a variety of elective courses. In online schools, middle school students are also involved in a range of online clubs and activities. They can learn new things and participate in Mathematical Olympiads or writing for the school newspaper for an instance. Along with that, students have access to high school level courses and can begin to earn high school credit fast.

There are very few kids who would be enthusiastic about going to school. Online middle school is an incredible gift for every child making the middle school years extremely enjoyable and engaging. In fact,  students attending an online middle school have better chances of having an academically secured future.

Online middle school might be a challenge. But it is an exciting challenge that will allow your child to grow and thrive. It is a commitment that you make together. Your child’s education should and will still be a priority in your lives. You’re just going about it a different way than most and your child will never forget the opportunity they’ve been given.



Author’s bio: Edwin Lim is an educator and a home-schooling mom who has been writing for more than 5 years now. She has traveled to a lot of places and got practical insights into the psychology of children. She is an advisor to parents. She understands that each child is different and hence there are different ways to make a connect with them. Through her writing pieces, she has been able to motivate and guide parents to make the right decision for their children. She has studied mass communication during her graduation years which made her receptive to varied cultural backgrounds. This has further helped her to disseminate knowledge about improving learning retention within children.

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May 28, 2020


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