How Online Education Can Help Homeschoolers

online education can help homeschoolers

This article was contributed by Gracie Anderson

How Online Education Can Help Homeschoolers

Education is more like an endless stream that flows and takes along those who wish to immerse their intellects into it. It knows no boundary. Pertaining to the present-day situation of the devastating COVID-19 outbreak, most schools and colleges have come to a temporary halt. But, does it mean education has lost its path? Certainly not! The universe has backups for every single setback. Thus, education is not an exception, as well. In the era of the internet, anything and everything is possible under the sun.

The phenomenon called “online education” has been in the news for quite some time. It has simply gained prominence ever since the worldwide lockdown has started taking a toll on the youngsters and their parents. Most educators across the globe are encouraging students and parents to embrace homeschooling for some obvious reasons.

Are you too eager to know about the same? Take some time to read this blog and get introduced to the bigger picture that portrays

Digital academic resources for homeschoolers

The scopes and possibilities of acquiring the maximum academic knowledge are always twice higher in online education as compared to that of its offline counterpart. For parents, as well as for their children, digital exposure to academic blogs, journals, and other knowledge banks should quintessentially help them keep up with the odds. An average textbook may comprise ten different chapters.

But, an average digitized research archive may comprise ten different avenues for each of those ten chapters. For example, in a time when the world is under lockdown, what could be more appropriate than resorting to homeschooling with the help of these digital knowledge banks?

Google Scholar

Google Books


Wolfram Alpha

The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

Each of the aforementioned digital academic resources is said to be rich in verified analytical information. Thus, students and parents can both relate to these knowledge banks for quick ideas and references on the go. Even if the students stay back at home, they can always seek useful, research-based knowledge to streamline academic stringencies without knocking on their teachers’ doors in person.

 Advantages of homeschooling for working parents

This is yet another notable pointer that defines the credibility of online education in homeschooling. According to the last year’s employment report, 97.5% of the population had at least one employed parent. Now, you can only gauge the count or the ratio of the number of employed parents in today’s world. In today’s date, when the lockdown is being extended across the year, most employed adults are working from home. This is where the concept of homeschooling gains prominence.

Here’s how:

  • Homeschooling gets parents up, close, and personal with their children.
  • They can monitor their child’s progress in academic fields closely and guide them through thick and thin simultaneously.
  • This way, working from home has proved to be a boon for employed parents. Monitoring the young ones closely will help parents keep their wards from the negative elements of the outer world.
  • According to a recent educational survey, it has been deduced that tutorial lessons guided by parents are twice more effective for the young ones.
  • Now that most of us are operating from home, we can simply avail the benefits of homeschooling and guide our children through the various odds of academics.
  • Also, parents get to convey self-learned life lessons and tricks to their wards and help them get the hang of the challenges of life and academics in a better way.

Homeschooling is more cost-effective

There’s no denying the fact that homeschooling involves lesser investments as compared to what would have been the scenario in case of school admissions, monthly fees, college fee structure and the likes. If we are to talk about the ongoing crisis in terms of the virus outbreak leading to a major economic downturn, cost-effective education is the call for all.

Here are some easy, effective tips on how you can make homeschooling go easy on your pocketbook.

  • Stick to the basic internet plan that would allow you to carry on with your office works and academic researches that you would conduct on behalf of your child.
  • Urge your children not to keep other apps open in the background while they are attending online classes. Otherwise, it would only drain the phone’s battery, thus, causing you to charge it every now and then.
  • Prioritise getting in touch with non-profit academic platforms for easy references and useful academic insights on the go. To name a few, Student Conservation Association, Rhode Island School of Design and the Non-profit Academic Centres Council get a special mention.
  • One can also get in touch with budget-friendly assignment assistance providers online.
  • It will help you to go easy on your budget and seek digitised academic help, right from the comfort of your home.
  • Also, one must urge school teachers (who are connected online) to provide enough samples, reference papers and online exercises.
  • This will help in the matter of gaining maximum exposure to academics, without spending big bucks for paperbacks and physically accumulated class notes in photocopy formats.

Parting Words,

Thus, it seems that the world in the near future will be counting on the benefits of online education and homeschooling. Why not? We have got ample reasons to believe in the institution of homeschooling during these trying times. I hope this informative blog has already served its purpose by introducing you to the major beneficial aspects of signing up for online education in home environments.

Here’s a glimpse of the minutes of this blog for a quick rewind on the go.

  • Online education introduces us to a plethora of extensive knowledge platforms.
  • Digital education has made working from home less of a hassle.
  • Homeschooling proves to be cost-effective from different aspects.

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September 14, 2020


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