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  • tips for new homeschoolers

    Tips for New Homeschoolers Over 2 million families will begin homeschooling in September 2020. For new homeschoolers, it can be difficult to get started
  • Tips for AP History Study

    This article was contributed by the team at Fiveable. How to Self Study for AP World History: Modern So you want to self-study for AP World, but you aren’t
  • online education can help homeschoolers

    This article was contributed by Gracie Anderson How Online Education Can Help Homeschoolers Education is more like an endless stream that flows and takes
  • Common Requirements Homeschoolers Need to Know

    This article was contributed by Amanda Jerilyn Parents who have decided to opt for homeschooling are going to contribute to real change in society. 
  • Guide to Teen Depression

    Depression among teenagers has been growing steadily in the last few years. It’s a serious health condition that impacts the lives of millions of young
  • 8 Tips for Hsing High School

    1. Give them a voice in their curriculum. An important part of homeschooling is knowing what curriculum works best for each of your students. Once your
  • How to Choose High School Courses

    Homeschooling high school requires a more concrete plan than the younger years, especially if your teen desires to go to college. In grade school certain
  • How to Choose High School Electives

    How to Choose Electives in High School What exactly is an elective? An elective is any class or coursework that is done outside of the core curriculum for
  • How Does ONline Middle School Work?

    Are you thinking of exploring an online school? Is this the correct time? You are probably undergoing a feeling of excitement, confusion, and anticipation,
  • Online Homeschool Curriculum

    Are you going to take OET? Well, take OET only when you are prepared for it well enough to get through it. Yes, OET is not going to be simple for you. It