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  • One of the ultimate goals of homeschooling high school is sending your child out in the world to become independent adults. A key to that is preparing them
  • ¬©¬†Greg Landry 2019 As homeschooling parents we give our children so many advantages as they move into the middle and upper grades and then to college. But,
  • how to homeschool high school resources

    We all know that homeschooling can be challenging – but when we get to the high school level we all feel the pressure! What to do with the records,
  • How to Help Your Teen be an Inventor

    Do you know who invented a test to detect early on if someone has pancreatic cancer? (Jack Andraka) What about the iCPooch, a remote way to give your dog a
  • Help Your Child Succeed in HIgh School

    All of us are familiar with the challenges of studying in a high school. It is one of the most stressful periods in any teenager’s life since it is

  • Online courses College of Contract Management – United Kingdom
  • 8 Tips for Hsing High School

    1. Give them a voice in their curriculum. An important part of homeschooling is knowing what curriculum works best for each of your students. Once your
  • Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards

    It’s time to see the results! Thank you to all that participated in this year’s Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards! What better way to help

  • Classes A2Z is an online tool for people to find local classes and courses.
  • To Grade or Not to Grade? The age-old homeschool question, to grade or not to grade? While in the early learning years mastering material is the key goal