Abeka High School Options

Abeka high school offers students in grades 9-12 an opportunity to use their program to earn a high school diploma from an accredited institution without actually attending the physical campus. Some parents view this as an attractive opportunity because their child earns a diploma in the safety of their own home.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS SASI) and accreditation division of AdvandED accredit A Beka Academy.

Will Abeka High School Curriculum Work for My Child?

One of the most important steps in deciding if the Abeka high school curriculum will work for your child is by understanding your child’s learning style. If the style Abeka uses doesn’t mesh with your child’s style, don’t waste your time and money. If it works for your student, then proceed to the next qualifier, which is deciding if you want a Christian Worldview as your curriculum. The final step is to read lots and lots of reviews from both parents and children who have used the actual curriculum. Be sure to read reviews from several different sites.

There will be positive and negative reviews that you can dissect. A negative review does not always mean it will be a negative for your child. Every child learns differently, so what does not work for one child might totally work for another child, your child. By the same token, a positive review might shed light on something that would actually be a negative for your child.

What Programs Does Abeka High School Offer?

Abeka high school learning offers two different options, their Accredited Program and their Independent Study. Their Traditional Program only goes through sixth grade.

  • Accredited Program–Under a parent’s supervision, the student can earn credit toward graduation requirements and eventually a high school diploma from A Beka Academy. The parent and student are required to send in work on a scheduled periodic basis to be evaluated and graded. Abeka provides the report cards and transcript.
  • Independent Study–The independent study program does not offer an eventual diploma. The student learns via video lessons taught by Master Abeka teachers. The videos must be returned. The parent is responsible for keeping up with all records because neither report cards, transcripts, nor a diploma is issued. Textbooks, tests, answer keys, lessons plans, and academic assistance is provided.

Online streaming is also an option if you do not want to use the video lessons.

The Abeka high school accredited program frees the parent from actually teaching the courses. This is beneficial for a parent who does not feel comfortable teaching some skill areas. While these video options may work for some, other students might feel their time is wasted when the teacher has to stop to discipline students, explain further for those who do not understand and so forth, although you do have the option of using the fast forward button to move ahead. If the teacher presents skill areas your child has already mastered, you might choose to skip a lesson.

The Abeka high school program is very structured. The curriculum is usually heavy with memorization and seatwork. There are daily homework assignments. The workload may be too much for some students. In addition, Abeka may not accept dual enrollment classes you might have taken.

If you are using the independent study program, you have more control over what you do and do not require from your child. You might choose to do away with the busywork and cut back on the daily homework assignments. Dual enrollment would not be a problem.

Their site offers a video overview of the Abeka high school programs available for purchase. Wisdom dictates a thorough investigation before investing such a large sum of money.