Alpha Omega High School Curriculum

Homeschool High school Curriculum Made Easy…

The Alpha Omega curriculum is a great tool for the homeschool high schooler. At over twenty years old this curriculum has been proven to be a standard for homecshoolers. With Alpha Omega high school curriculum you have several homeschool options. Your student can do courses online, computer software based courses, or even workbook based courses.

Is Alpha Omega High School Accredited?

Accreditation for Alpha Omega High School is through the NCA CASI which is an accrediing division of AdvancedED. Accreditation simply means that the course of study your high school took was approved by an outside agency. It typically means that they will be able to enter college easily without additional proofs of achievement. Accredited schools will also have qualified teachers that write and direct studies. Alpha Omega’s qualified teachers mean that your child will be getting a high quality education.

What is Alpha Omega High School Curriculum Method?

The Alpha Omega high school curriculum uses independent study and mastery learning to enable homeschool students to learn at their own pace in their own home. Alpha )Omega uses several educational methods depending on the options you choose. The online options allows students to interact as they learn live online. The Switched on Schoolhouse option is software based and students use alot of reading skills to get through the lessons. There are interactive games and drills that can be used as well. The final option that is available through Alpha Omega high school is the paper/pencil or book option. This option includes books that are workbooks and are also based on the mastery learning principle. The student works through each workbook and takes a mastery test when they finish.

Can I afford Alpha Omega Home School High School?

Alpha Omega High School is affordable and is designed for the average income family. The book options can be found and discount book retailers, and even on Amazon. The Switched on Schoolhouse can also be found from their website, discount book sellers, and occasionally on Amazon and Ebay. The online version can only be purchased from Alpha Omega themselves, but they meet with each individual family and determine an acceptable level of fees for the family making this a truly affordable option for the average income homeschooling family.

Do I have to Use only Alpha Omega or can I Pick and Choose?

Alpha Omega High School Curriculum can be purchased as a complete option, aor it can be taken on an as needed basis. Courses can be purchases individually and added to other existing courses that you may be using in your homeschoool. Individual courses are pried very affordable and can be obtained from their website, discount book retailers, and even amazon and ebay.

Though everyone might not appreciate the mastery learning style of educating, the Alpha Omega high school curriculum is a good option for a solid high school education.