Prepare your students to write at the next level!

College Life Series: College Essay Guide

June 25, 2018

Is your student about to embark on a college adventure? It doesn’t take long before new college students have an “eye-opening” run-in with college writing! Academic writing is the type of writing students do in college, and it’s quite different from high school-level writing. While in high school, your students probably got accustomed to the […]

Check out these scholarship opportunities for homeschoolers!

Scholarships Ending in July, August, and September 2018

June 21, 2018

Scholarships Ending in July CollegeWeekLive Scholarship Sponsor: CollegeWeekLive, LLC Amount: $1,000 Closing Date: 11:59 Eastern Time on the last day of the month Description: Scholarship is open to students who will enroll no later than the fall of 2019 in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning (college, university or trade school). Open to both U.S. and non-U.S. students. […]

Finding a High School Summer Internship

Finding a High School Summer Internship

June 11, 2018

Is your high school student wavering about their career ideas for the future? At this age the possibilities abound for a very bright future for your teen. Now is a great time for them to explore their various interests. There may be a way for your students to try out these interests in a hands-on […]

Making a Four Year High School Plan

Making a Four-Year High School Plan

June 7, 2018

Why have a four-year high school homeschool plan? The benefits of having a four-year plan are many. A four-year plan is a common tool for planning out a college-level study, however, bringing this to use for high school is a great way to maximize your time. What are the benefits? Having a four-year plan is the […]

7 Reasons Blogging will help you become a better writer!

7 Reasons Blogging Will Help You Be a Better Writer

June 3, 2018

Guest post contributed by Kevin Nelson  It’s no secret that many academics sometimes struggle with writing. After all, writing research papers and academic essays is no fun. If that’s about all the writing you’ve been exposed to, it’s little wonder that you’d feel hesitant. However, blogging is a crucial tool in communicating research topics efficiently. […]

Why does geography matter so much?

Geographic Illiteracy in America: The Importance of Studying Geography

May 25, 2018

In a recent survey testing Americans’ abilities, only 17% of adults could find Afghanistan on a map. In comparison, Sweden scored highest and Mexico scored last in performing the same task. (In case you’re wondering, the U.S. scored just above Mexico.) Another study conducted showed that only 11% of those taking the survey were able […]

What Do Universities Expect from Homeschoolers?

What Do Universities Expect from Homeschoolers?

May 23, 2018

Is your homeschooled student considering Bob Jones University for college? If so, he or she may be interested in the interview we conducted with Bob Jones. We wanted to know what chances homeschoolers have of being accepted and if there was anything the school wanted us to know. Below, you’ll find our questions and their […]

7 Essential Proofreading Tools

7 Essential Proofreading Tools to Polish Articles

May 18, 2018

Academic writing requires skill, proficiency, and lots of expertise. In order to deliver the best content, we must use suitable idioms, proper grammar, and correct spelling. Delivering a paper with errors is a sure way to score a low grade, but it can be detrimental to your academic success overall. We will look careless, negligent, […]

College Life Study Resources

College Life Series: Study Resources

May 14, 2018

Congratulations! You have been accepted into college and are about to start out on an exciting path to independence in preparation for your future career. It’s a time of both excitement and possibly a touch of trepidation. Success can be yours, but you will need to work diligently.  Careful use of time is essential in […]

How to help your teen become an entrepreneur

Become A Teen Entrepreneur

What is Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is when an individual takes their own idea to create a business in order to make a profit. Oftentimes, the idea can also bring on social change by creating a new product that people need or by coming up with a unique life-changing solution to a problem. Of course, this involves […]